Is this on youtube somewhere?


We can leave that footage out . . . I know how it ends :wink:


@stevevt: Thanks, I’ll look into it. If I remember correctly, I didn’t use a few pinball101 tournament videos because there was no commentary.

@genex: If your question was directed at me: If it were up to me, I would have added Expo 2015 in October, but it’s not – I don’t have any control over when those videos become available on YouTube. Over at PAPA tutorial edit schedule Mark said that uploading streams to YouTube isn’t high priority, but he didn’t give an ETA for Expo.


I wanna see the footage of your match against mish paull the night before. That was some long playing time :slight_smile:


Thanks. It makes sense to draw the line somewhere, but I’d personally rather see high-level competition with no commentary than a gameplay video with no commentary.

OK, so you want competition videos with commentary that you don’t already have?

Take a look here:

I’ve spot checked a handful, and none of them is on your site. Not sure if that’s going to true for all of them.


Thanks for posting that Steve. There is lots of good footage there that should be aggregated on pinballvideos. Namely the Pinburgh 2012 B Finals - WCS and Fast Draw.


Putting them on pinballvideos is fine, but it would be better if you linked to those videos via PAPA’s youtube account, rather than CGR’s. The proper links for all four can be found on

The pinburgh 2012 div b finals, that is.


2015 Chicago Pinball Expo is on youtube :slightly_smiling:


Early Rounds:


Thanks, I haven’t had much time recently, but I hope I’ll get to it soon.


Sent email with timestamps for expo 2015 final rounds.

There is so much tournament footage that it’s going to be almost impossible to keep up!


Thanks a lot for doing this again – I added the videos.

You know how it is with those hobby projects, sometimes they just don’t get the time they deserve. You’re absolutely right that it’s become harder than it was when I was just archiving the PAPA back catalogue, but I absolutely intend to continue adding all tournament footage.

More of an issue is the abundance of footage from regular twitch streamers. Most of that doesn’t fit well, but I might easily be missing out on some nice tutorials.

Another thing, had a major redesign of their website, now featuring a video archive on their home page. I haven’t read about that anywhere and found out about it by accident – gonna post another thread, in case other people missed that too. (Edit: video index)


While I was at it, I added INDISC 2016. Check out this kid: That’s the next generation of pinball pros.


Sent an email with the papa circuit final times/players/games


Thanks, the circuit finals are up:


Did you see that Karl put up 2016 Nationals/Womens and Pin-Masters?



PAPA posted papa 19 finals to youtube…already emailed you with games/names/times.

They still haven’t transferred LAX 2016 to youtube yet, hope it hasn’t gone unnoticed.


Just emailed you the timestamps for the 2015 IFPA Nationals and Women’s tournament. @umbilico hope you’re alright :slight_smile:


I owe you guys an apology. I didn’t have much pinball on my mind the last few months, and the video archive suffered for it. Lots of work stuff, lots of non-work stuff, you know how it is.

Now, I’m aware it’s all just a volunteer effort, and no one owes anyone anything, yada yada, but that doesn’t mean you’re not taking on a certain responsibility if you’re doing something or other that some people like. So, I’m sorry I was gone for a few months without any notice, and thanks @PinballNarcissist for continuing to send me timestamped tournament data.

The tools I’m using to update the site are very crude, since I never intended for anyone but me to use them, but it’s probably not a bad idea to open them up a bit, so the archive is not entirely dependent on my whims.

Bit behind, but I’ve added PAPA 19 now at least.


Thanks for your work, and yes, share the load!


Does PAPA do anything with the raw game footage? (Not what is being broadcasted as I assume the cameras are also recording during the finals)