Pinburgh Constructive Feedback Thread (I hope I don't regret this)


it would be great for the Hobby as a whole if PAPA could do more broadcasting. Our friend at Buffalo had twice as much coverage as PAPA’s with 3 cameras.
I guess most players are at Pinburgh playing BUT Jim could have watched from his phone :wink:


This is a very interesting point, one which I have thought about quite a bit. I can imagine a platform that can make sense of it all where games/days be quickly cut down to only contain action, and even better if they could be split into individual games for upload on YouTube. That would allow them to be searchable by game/player/match as well.


That already exists. It’s called You can search by player, by game, by event, etc. Truely awesome!


Partly I think people don’t bother to read the documentation. (Also, it was BDM, so it’s not out of character. :wink: )

As you might know, I’m “lawful neutral” and my first competition experience was in olympic-style fencing, where you actually need to know all the rules and follow them carefully to avoid having a suck-full experience. But I’m used to having things spelled out and easily accessible.

I can help with pre-tournament communication/documentation for next year, hit me up.


With the Twitch deal, i think it was part technical difficulties and part of what has been mentioned. I was supposed to go on during an earlier round, but things got fixed eventually!

If we do want to expand coverage next year, I would consider working the booth with commentary (and production, if @PAPA_Doug or @mhs have time during PAPA TV Live when we get back to it) all three days for the stage. A suggestion I had was to go to old-school commentary for rounds: record first, comment later.


@umbilico kinda fell off the radar and hasn’t been updating this site. I would gladly volunteer to help keep the archive current but I have no idea how to do that type of stuff.

I just wanted to first say that this is one of the best run tournaments I’ve ever been to. I will definitely be coming back next year.

I had one small piece of feedback. I noticed that the tournament area didn’t seem to be as blocked off from the rest of the show as much as last year. I think last year there were only two (or three?) ways in/out of the tournament area whereas this year had lots of ways in and out. This meant that I was seeing more random people walking up to a game not knowing a tournament was going on. Playoff day was actually the worst example of it since some games were open to play and some games were meant for the playoffs. I saw multiple people try to play on playoff machines in the C playoffs. More designation of machines that are off limits would be much appreciated.

Thank you again for this amazing tournament!


Pinburgh was 100% AWESOME! The only improvement suggestion I have (and maybe this was already mentioned) is to put lines on the floor that only players can be in front of while they are playing a game in a match. Everyone else needs to stay behind the line, period. This would probably require the score sheets to come with clip boards (with lanyard pens) for recording scores.
I witnessed multiple heated pissing matches because people participating in an adjacent match were distracted by players recording scores. My personal recommendation for people who get angry is “calm the Fxxk down it’s just pinball”. But, the issue can be easily avoided with a small amount of effort and clarification of the rules / etiquette.


But we used to record and save footage, and voice over commentary after the fact, but since we do live broadcasts, we no longer record and save footage for the purpose of after the fact voice-over. Why not just record some of the other rounds (even earlier playoff rounds)? If what is needed is an external hard drive, I have anything from 500gb to 2tb I can donate something.


We also had to wait for adjacent groups to record scores to get out of our group’s players’ way. Not sure about lines, but some better guidance would help.


I can’t speak for PAPA/Replay, but I recall one difficulty being the time-consuming offload of the camera data. Every camera, every day, huge data (because it’s all 1080p, all day). Then, almost all of it was junked. And what do you do with that footage? Without some commentary it’s very dry and won’t be usable to upload to PAPA’s YouTube channel except perhaps as gameplay videos (and those generally exist already). Recording commentary after the fact turns out to be extremely time-consuming.

I’m not saying it can’t be done, but the bang/$ ratio is low.

I’d ask Replay whether this is a potential project for others. Or wait for @PAPA_Doug or @mhs to hop in with advice :slight_smile:


All that doodlebug footage wasted :wink:


I know that watching the semis game on Paragon there was a lot of technique and strategy stuff going on that I would have loved to do an after-the-fact commentary on. I may still do it by chopping it out of the Youtube, but I’d rather do it on the raw footage.

That said, storing all that video from all the cameras just on the off chance someone might want it is an incredible burden and I don’t blame anyone for not doing it.


are they recording straight into the camera video cards? I doubt they are recording all feed simultaneously into their computers right?


Well right now it is apparently not being recorded at all. But previously yes I believe they were bring recorded straight onto the cameras.


Maybe another Kickstarter? Make pinball video un-live commentary great again?


some good after the fact editing and comments to make finals a “decent” length is the only way to attract non-pinball fanatics…


I would love PAPA to have another kickstarter or some sort of gofundme for this. I don’t even give a rip about reward tiers. As long as the video footage is completed with thoughtful commentary then I consider that the reward.


I sent these privately before, but I’ll put them here since this thread started.

  1. Bowen needs to go all Bruce Buffer and wear a Tux. Possibly the players enter with a smoke machine going… Just saying… :wink:

  2. I agree no one wants to watch a stream without commentary EXCEPT if they are the ones playing. I’d love to have a machine setup to stream or archive so that every player got to watch themselves play a game on camera. Maybe have a machine setup in the Galactic tourney for that purpose if it’s too hard to do it in the regular banks?

Again, best experience ever. All suggestions are marginal improvements over a great overall event.


A simple Pinburgh smart phone app that organizes all of the information found on the website would be a great way to track progress, banks, rounds, etc. I can’t tell you how many times I would accidentally close out of my browser window or accidentally open someone else’s information because the links are tiny on a phone browser. I used the website constantly and would certainly find an app useful. Of course, we are talking about a 4 day event, so maybe just making the Pinburgh site more mobile friendly is a better idea.