I can recap this game for you: Keith Elwin shoots Mixmaster ramp for 20 mins straight. I think that game had the highest virtuosity on display to boredom ratio I have ever seen.


I have a pretty high threshold for this type of thing, but I had to walk away after a while. But on the plus side, I’ve been able to employ this strat to bore some opponents to death.


Jackbot should be available to add now. I’m trying to track some stuff, so the next few videos may be released in unorthodox manners. After I’ve gathered my data, they’ll all be available as usual for whatever.


I noticed that the Jackbot and PPO videos both had pre-roll ads on them. For what it’s worth I would prefer paying a small annual subscription to PAPA to avoid ads. I don’t even know if that’s possible, but I thought I would share my unsolicited opinion anyway :slight_smile:


A YouTube Red subscription would do away with the ads:


That’s cool! $10/month to watch pinball videos is a little much though :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what ad block is for…


Wow. 'Tis a brand new world for me. Thanks for the tip!


Shh! MHS needs a new pair of flipper rubbers. Send lost ad revenue to PAPA, 100 Keystone Dr, Scott Township PA.


While we’re on the topic. I use Twitch totally standard from a web browser. But there are constantly dropouts, even on medium quality. I usually see recorded stuff.

I bring this up, because I’ve been wondering if the European territory generally has a lower service from Twitch than say the US. What’s your experience?

Of course I’m glad that pinball broadcasts are at all available. But I will recommend a YouTube channel for archived stuff.


Nope, same thing here in the states. Constant drop outs and always commercials.


I’m starting out using YouTube at The Sanctum. Auto archiving to YouTube after and no music copyright issues later(YouTube just adds ads instead of silencing the archive). Only issue I’m having is not having a simple YouTube channel/link people can go to like twitch offers.


If you get enough subscribers you get a reasonable URL for your channel page, until then you get alphanumeric gook. I’m not sure what the current value of ‘enough’ is, though.

Twitch archive streaming has always been a bit shit: it archives in 30 minute chunks and always drops out when switching between them. Here in japan I’ve given up ever using it as it drops more often than it used to, and I have 100Mb/s internet…


Thanks. I’ll have to push our players to subscribe in the next week or so as we get it up and running.


Are these Papa 16 videos missing from, or am I just looking in the wrong place?




EDIT: In case the links don’t work, they’re the first two listed here:


I sent an email letting you know some of the player names from ppo2015


A bunch of quality tournament footage on this youtube page.


I finally got to adding the rest of the PPO 2015 games, thanks @PinballNarcissist for making my job a lot easier.

@stevevt: Yes, those PAPA 16 videos are not in there. My notes say that the quarter- and semifinal streams were just too disjointed to put them up in an archived format. If I remember correctly, there was a 1h+ match on Godzilla that would have been awesome to add, since there’s no tournament footage at all on that machine, but it was cut away from so often to show other matches that it just didn’t make sense adding it to pinballvideos.

@PinballNarcissist: The IEPinball stuff should already be in there. I didn’t do those 20+ hours of Pin-Masters, but I got INDISC 2012, INDISC 2015, IFPA 2014 US NPC, and California Extreme 2015.


Thanks. Yup, there are cutaways throughout these videos.

If it’s worth it, you might want to include the quarterfinals heads-up tiebreaker on Genesis between Robert Gagno and Sean Grant that starts around 3:14:09.

You might want to add this pretty thorough thrashing of X-Men by Keith Elwin on the pinball101 channel:

[ ]

I think there are a few others on that channel you don’t have, too. E.g., AC/DC Pinball - Cal Extreme Finals 2013.

Yet another channel to track:

Nate S. will be adding a series of hangout/instructional videos here. The first one, AC/DC with Keith Elwin, was posted last week.

Keep up the good work!


do you know when you’ll get Expo 2015 up? I was on camera for some of that :slight_smile: