Time for some updates:

There’s a set of rules in place as to which videos I deem fit for inclusion in, which I came up with mostly to avoid having to make difficult decisions all the time. They are not set in stone, and I’ll gladly make common sense exceptions, as I did with some games in the Pinburgh 2015 broadcast.

That said, I’ve decided to extend those rules a bit. I hope the benefits of having some more interesting material available will outweigh the potential drawbacks:

1.) For games that haven’t gotten much (or any) coverage yet, I’ll include formats I previously said don’t quite fit with what I’m doing here. I’ll put those into the “Gameplay” event category for now, but the categorization system could definitely need an overhaul.

  • In particular, this means that I added some Dead Flip videos (thanks @Mar for the suggestion) so I can feature KISS and Game of Thrones.

2.) Tournament footage still needs commentary in order to be fit for, but the English only restriction is gone. Non-English videos will have a language flag, so you’ll know what you’re getting into. I won’t add any language filtering for now, but I might do that once there’s more international content.

There has already been some sneaky Italian commentary in PAPA 18, but to officially get this going, I added two more things:

One little change for non-English content: If you want your footage to be added to pinballvideos, I might ask you to provide the game start times and player names yourself. For all the videos I tagged myself, I tried my best to consider the commentary track when choosing the start times, like cut in a bit earlier if there’s some interesting commentary about the machine setup or rules before the game. I simply can’t do that when I don’t speak the language.

As always, any feedback welcome, and if you’ve got some cool non-English tournament footage you’d like to see on, let me know.


I just hopped on to to see if there was anything new this week. Scrolling down the list looking for NEW tags is time consuming. I think a ‘recently added’ section or a way to sort videos by date added would be great.


Makes sense, I’ll look into how to best integrate that. In the meantime, I added a simple separate sitemap page:

It isn’t pretty, but it should be exactly what you’re looking for – just a list of all the videos sorted by date.


A little update:

Stuff being listed in alphabetical order is pretty useless for what I’m trying to do here, so I changed that in order to be able to show the most relevant videos first:

  • Machines are now ordered by release date, so the first thing you see on the website is the newest machine (sorry, 1975 Abra Ca Dabra). New machine list:

  • Players are now ordered by IFPA rank, so it’s hopefully the best games you’ll see first on the players’ page (sorry @Vengeance). New player list:

  • I’ll do the same for the events list, once I’ve decided how stuff like tutorials/gameplay/papalive best fit in (any opinions welcome)

I suppose if you’re looking for a specific thing, you know how to use your search, so I don’t think there’s much of a downside to this change.


As promised, I updated the “events” section, so the tournaments will be ordered by date. Tutorials (and other non-tournament videos) now have their own section.

Another thing, the player statistics seem to have broken, but they should be fixed now.


I did an overhaul of the actual video page:

First: If something especially cool happens in the video you’re watching, you can now mark it as a highlight. This way, other people watching the same video can easily find the cool parts, plus you get an easy way to directly link to them.

Props to @keefer, who suggested something like this a while ago. Here’s an example of a video, where I already added a highlight:

Second: I redid the voting interface to hopefully make it more intuitive, and got rid of the comment field, which didn’t see much use anyway.

If something isn’t working the way it’s supposed to, let me know.


Fantastic idea/concept. I look forward to using it and contributing to it


I added some buttons to filter down the video lists to only new videos, videos with highlights, highly rated videos, and foreign language commentary. This should make it a bit easier to find interesting stuff to watch.


Just added the IFPA 10 World Pinball Championship finals between Jörgen Holm and Zach Sharpe that somehow went completely under my radar (thanks @IFK).

The camera setup isn’t up to today’s standards, but I think this is a really good watch anyway – there’s some great game focused after-the-fact commentary by Cayle and Adam, and there’s lots of machines that didn’t have any tournament footage yet (Pool Sharks, Farfalla, Bow and Arrow, Fireball, Earthshaker, Xenon). Enjoy!

(Commentary audio is low on the first game of Xenon, but it gets fixed for the other games.)


Oh and I just realized it’s been exactly a year since the site came online. Thank you all for the support, you’re awesome! Looking forward to another year of amazing pinball footage. Time for some cake, please help yourself.

Edit: Also, everyone who participated in this thread gets a beer from me when we meet the next time.


It’s a fantastic site. Thanks for developing and running it!



I suggest everyone go watch that game of Fireball with haste. Incredible.


Pittsburgh Pinball Open 2015 Circuit event is on youtube now.


I wonder what happened to the Pinburgh/Circuit final footage of that first year where Daniele won (the circuit).

I remember Dredd, DemoMan and Dr Dude games.


No Dredd or Dude, though, but only because they weren’t in the event. :slight_smile:


Judge Dredd and Dr. Dude were in the Pinburgh 2013 finals. There is no archive of that final’s live stream.


Thanks for keeping me updated, I added the last two and a half hours, and I hope I’ll get to the rest tomorrow.

There seem to be a lot of players in this tournament I’ve never seen before, so I’ll definitely need some help tagging them all. If you see some videos without player tagging at Pinball Open 2015 and you know the player names, please PM me here or email to

There’s only a couple now, but I’m sure there will be a lot more unidentified players once I added the early game.


Jackbot tutorial was quietly released this weekend.

Thanks @bkerins !


Thanks, Mark already told me, but it won’t be embeddable for a couple weeks, because they are testing some analytics stuff, so I thought I’d wait.

Update: It’s added now.


Oh. That’s a pity. Was looking for the Dr. Dude game. I recently acquired a DD. Wonderful game.