Thanks again, this is a great resource.


Will you be adding the California Extreme videos from IE Pinball?


PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS i beg you :slight_smile:


Love the updates, thanks again!

The urls to game/tournament help with the way I’ve been using it lately. That is to scroll through the master list of all games, pick a (random) game from there, then watch a few videos of that game. Being able to click the url to get ‘back’ to the game specific list now is fantastic, thanks.

(Browser back button would just return me to the top of the master list of games. I think this is because focus jumps to the filter text control? I use Chrome if it’s a browser specific issue)


Only the EPIC tiebreaker on Trio. Please!


Absolutely love the pinballvideos site! Great work. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time (often in vain) scrubbing though competition videos with the hope of finding some footage of the game I was currently trying to study up on. A central pinball video index is a real time-saver. I’d love to integrate pinballvideos into the Pindigo app ( I’m about to launch.


Thanks for reminding me, I already got the first game done a while ago, but seem to have gotten distracted. In the meantime, someone in the YouTube comments did most of the work for me and tagged the approximate game start times, so I guess procrastination paid off once again.

It should all be in there now:

The vast majority of the broadcasted games were usable for my purposes, which is nice. Unfortunately, both games on World Cup Soccer were only ball 3 of player 4, which is a pity, since it’s a fun game that hasn’t gotten much tournament coverage yet.

I didn’t get the name of player 4 in, so if anyone knows the guy, please tell me.


I’m not 100% but I believe it’s John Kremmer:


@Wizcat: Ah, I was assuming you were already using a filtered list as a starting point. If you’re using the master list, you’re right, those new links on the “watch” page should come in handy.

@cheezywhiz: Thanks for the nice feedback. This is good timing for integrating pinballvideos in your new app, too, since I’ve just started that pinball cross link project.

@haugstrup: Thanks for the info, I added John Kremmer to the video. If anyone thinks this is wrong, please let me know. Also, congratulations, this seems to be the first time you’ve made it into pinballvideos, and you’ve got some nice coverage, too.

@haugstrup, @bkerins, @JimiWolf: I believe this is the game you wanted to (or tried your best to not have to, as it might be) see again:


I don’t want to watch that game any more than Bowen does :smile:

I’ll stick to rewatching my Star Trek and Viking games. I’m actually proud of those!


…while I’m asking you to do stuff: If you can set up player links using IFPA ids in addition to the player name it’ll be easy to for other apps to link directly to a specific player. :slight_smile:


Way to make me organize my shit. Good thing I got my IFPA API key handy for just such an occasion, so I can gracefully hide the fact that I’ve been handling my player objects by name alone.

Links like this should work now:

This will not work for all the players in my database – one player I got in there chose not to participate in the IFPA rankings any more. I guess this means they’ll also appreciate not being mentioned here by name.


Wow, @umbilico, your site continues to amaze me. Fantastic work you are doing and continue to do.


Thanks for that, here’s some more:

We’ve got that easy linking between pinball stuff down now, but in a perfect world, all that data we’ve been accumulating should not just be linkable, but usable in any way anyone running any sort of pinball software thing sees fit.

I’ll start:

All the data gathered by me over the past year for, watching, timestamping, and tagging hundreds of hours of material, is now available for any non-commercial use for free at

Each data set comes with machine name, a timestamped YouTube URL, YouTube ID, seconds from video start until start of game, URL, IPDB ID, IPDB IDs of all group members, event name, event iteration, and player data (IFPA ID and player name).

So, this means if you want to directly embed any of my stuff into your own non-commercial pinball project, instead of just linking to my website, like direct YouTube embeds of my timestamped videos plus tournament and player info, you can just go ahead and do it.

The data can be filtered by IPDB ID, or IFPA ID, or both, like, or, or

Since there’s still some ego that needs to get stroked, if you do use this for your non-commercial project, please add a good visible link to

Let’s see how this turns out. I might add API keys if I see much abuse.


Is the only url for Addams Family?

Pinball Map’s usage would be to link to the machine, not to a specific video. So like{IPDB_ID}


You can do it just like that, using the IPDB ID. Also see for how to figure out which machines are actually available on


Ah, my mistake! I had accidentally typed in ?v= when checking. Awesome.


I just wanted to say how great it is to see all the pinball sites integrating with each other and working together to provide awesome content. Makes my heart happy.


Added Pinburgh 2015.


I emailed PAPA to see if they could transfer PPO to youtube. Hoping that will eventually hit the website too.