Hey, I love the website, it’s a great resource. A lot of pinball videos are scattered around so it’s nice to have a single place to find most of them. I just wanted to echo the suggestion of a submissions link, as I’ve noticed a couple videos that aren’t included on the site. Thanks again for the hard work!


Thanks for all the feedback, and I’m sorry that it took me that long to get back to you – things just tend to move slower in the summer.

@juanlargo: I feel you, I do have some favorite commentators of my own, and if this were somebody else’s project, I’d be totally with you pushing those guys to add this stuff. As it is, with just me doing this, and commentator names for each match not being readily available (not to mention me not being an actual UI guy who could just put that stuff in without making things too cramped), I’m sorry to say that this won’t happen any time soon.

@johnnyfive: It’s the same for me, I keep coming back to the big games. I don’t know much about the technicalities involved, but it would be pretty cool if all those cameras would just independently record what’s going on, so the stream has total freedom to switch around to the most interesting stuff, while the full games can still be put on youtube. This would be pretty much what @keefer mentioned, and it’s probably a lot of work with editing and recording after the fact commentary, so I assume this won’t happen.

@jdh: I’ve been going on the assumption that most of the people interested in this kind of thing would be hanging out on pinside or here anyway, so I didn’t really think of adding a submission link. I might be wrong, though, so I’ll keep this in mind the next time I get a chance to do some work on the site. In the meantime, please feel free to suggest any videos either here or via the contact information in the footer of the site.


Love the site!


Possibly my most visited site at the moment. Love it. Thank you for all the effort it must have taken to categorize these.

One small suggestion - when you’re watching a video, you have the text (eg) ‘You are watching: Jackbot, Pinburgh 2014’. Would be nice if the game name/tournament were clickable so that you could quickly return back to the list you came from.


Thanks, it’s always nice to hear that people find this useful.

Also thanks for the suggestion – machine, player, and tournament names on the video page are now linked to their respective lists.

One quick question, though: If this is just about going back to the list you’ve been coming from, using either the browser’s back button or the tab navigation should work just as well. Did you experience any problems there? If so, please let me know which browser you are using – I’d like to fix that.


As mentioned in Connecting pinball resources, if any admin of some other pinball related resource wants to automate their linking to, feel free to use IPDB IDs in your links, like I’m not using the “official” IPDB names for some machines, so this might be easier than a name search.

It should not matter which exact IPDB entry for the same machine you are using in the link.

Also, to figure out which machines are actually present on, so you can completely automate your linking, please feel free to periodically check the list at

This might be a good time to reiterate that I’m not making any money off – if you want to link to it from some other application, you’d make me happy, and it might benefit the community, but I’m not laughing my way to the bank.


And since I’m already doing updates, and there hasn’t been one in a long time: I’m still wating for Pinburgh to hit YouTube, but the Buffalo Pinball guys have been keeping busy with their tutorials:

Who Dunnit
Safe Cracker
Getaway: High Speed 2
Demolition Man


Thanks again, this is a great resource.


Will you be adding the California Extreme videos from IE Pinball?


PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS i beg you :slight_smile:


Love the updates, thanks again!

The urls to game/tournament help with the way I’ve been using it lately. That is to scroll through the master list of all games, pick a (random) game from there, then watch a few videos of that game. Being able to click the url to get ‘back’ to the game specific list now is fantastic, thanks.

(Browser back button would just return me to the top of the master list of games. I think this is because focus jumps to the filter text control? I use Chrome if it’s a browser specific issue)


Only the EPIC tiebreaker on Trio. Please!


Absolutely love the pinballvideos site! Great work. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time (often in vain) scrubbing though competition videos with the hope of finding some footage of the game I was currently trying to study up on. A central pinball video index is a real time-saver. I’d love to integrate pinballvideos into the Pindigo app ( I’m about to launch.


Thanks for reminding me, I already got the first game done a while ago, but seem to have gotten distracted. In the meantime, someone in the YouTube comments did most of the work for me and tagged the approximate game start times, so I guess procrastination paid off once again.

It should all be in there now:

The vast majority of the broadcasted games were usable for my purposes, which is nice. Unfortunately, both games on World Cup Soccer were only ball 3 of player 4, which is a pity, since it’s a fun game that hasn’t gotten much tournament coverage yet.

I didn’t get the name of player 4 in, so if anyone knows the guy, please tell me.


I’m not 100% but I believe it’s John Kremmer:


@Wizcat: Ah, I was assuming you were already using a filtered list as a starting point. If you’re using the master list, you’re right, those new links on the “watch” page should come in handy.

@cheezywhiz: Thanks for the nice feedback. This is good timing for integrating pinballvideos in your new app, too, since I’ve just started that pinball cross link project.

@haugstrup: Thanks for the info, I added John Kremmer to the video. If anyone thinks this is wrong, please let me know. Also, congratulations, this seems to be the first time you’ve made it into pinballvideos, and you’ve got some nice coverage, too.

@haugstrup, @bkerins, @JimiWolf: I believe this is the game you wanted to (or tried your best to not have to, as it might be) see again:


I don’t want to watch that game any more than Bowen does :smile:

I’ll stick to rewatching my Star Trek and Viking games. I’m actually proud of those!


…while I’m asking you to do stuff: If you can set up player links using IFPA ids in addition to the player name it’ll be easy to for other apps to link directly to a specific player. :slight_smile:


Way to make me organize my shit. Good thing I got my IFPA API key handy for just such an occasion, so I can gracefully hide the fact that I’ve been handling my player objects by name alone.

Links like this should work now:

This will not work for all the players in my database – one player I got in there chose not to participate in the IFPA rankings any more. I guess this means they’ll also appreciate not being mentioned here by name.


Wow, @umbilico, your site continues to amaze me. Fantastic work you are doing and continue to do.