2016 NW Pinball Championships


Monster Bash [don’t swim in the Creature’s lagoon, don’t see bats flying often?]


that’s the spirit but it’s not this one :slight_smile:


WE HAVE A WINNER On FB, the correct answer was “AFM” :slight_smile:

alright, here is out 3rd clue so far for this machine, this one is provided by our friend Raymond. Once again, only one guess per clue :slight_smile:


Here is the NWPC main tournament schedule (changes may occurs as needed)


Who won and how was the turn-out last night?


Posted a report on the FB event :slight_smile:


Ooh the crowd favorite won. Nice!


Looks like a typo there - - split closes at 8:30, finals at 7?

And I assume it’s only split that closes early?


good thing we have you for proofreading, you are right only split qualifier closes 30min before finals





Interesting to see that Classics ended up being worth more WPPR points than the Main Tournament. I’m guessing the free entries in Classics had something to do with that.


Classics had a few more players who made the difference. If you compare lists and note the rankings and ratings of those just in Classics, you can piece it together.


case and points, free entries but also that several people showed up in Saturday afternoon and didn’t feel like they had a chance to put up 7 good scores on the Open bank.


It was too bad the Classics didn’t have a camera rig or two for over-the-playfield shots. Need more Classics competition streaming! (The “lurker/loomer” camera angle just doesn’t cut it)


We would definitely like to in the future. Maybe if a generous benefactor shoots us $2000 for extra rigs and cameras. Actually we could probably do the rigs ourselves if someone let us borrow some more cameras.


easy to say but would need more than cameras, and rigs :slight_smile: HDMI, power cables, more HDMI selector, it all goes fast but yeah, $1.5-2k seems accurate for 5 more machines.

Maybe a moveable kind of rig, like @ZRW had for City champ, behind the machine with one C920 and a long USB extension cord could be an alternative… Note to self for next year :slight_smile:


I need to figure out how @DEADFLIP pulled off moving the cams/stands between pins at TPF this year.

Jack, would you ever recommend people trying a similar set up again at tourneys where cameras and equipment are limited to far fewer than pins that are getting played?


Full finals video is up on Youtube, complete with timestamps for every game I covered. Some really good moments in there!


I think limited pin coverage is OK, but people are starting to expect full coverage.

Just cam up the games you know will be popular.


If you go the route of 1 cam to capture DMD and playfield, shouldnt be too pricey to cam all games in a tourney.