2016 NW Pinball Championships

Through various voodoo incantations and prayers, we’ve managed to secure our awesome venue for another year! :smiley: Come and enjoy a weekend of awesome competitive pinball in the great Pacific Northwest.

Mark your calendars!
NWPC 2016.
Sept 16-18.
Lucky Strike Bowling in Bellevue, WA.
Open (now with 24 qualifiers!) and Classics divisions, Women’s Championship (qualified for via Open), plus split flipper, charity, and daily high score competitions!

Carrying on the tradition of NWPC having the sickest pinball shirts ever, you can expect another awesome design available for purchase this year!

Lucky Strike is within walking distance of multiple great hotels and restaurants at all price ranges.

Check www.bdivision.com for updated detailed info hot off the presses!


Hey folks! Checking in with an update on the Northwest Pinball Championships.

New things relevant to this forum:

  • Based on feedback, we increased the amount of players qualifying in the Open Division to 24 and removed the B division. This means that those who have generally been the B division qualifiers will now make it into the Open finals for a shot at the big money and big prizes!

  • The top 8 qualifiers in Open will now receive a bye to the second round of the finals!

  • The top 4 women in Open qualifying will qualify for the Women’s finals in addition to Open!

  • Everyone who makes it to any part of the finals on Sunday will get a cash prize!

  • Split Flipper Division, Charity Division, daily high score tournaments, and other fun diversions have replaced the traditional Novice tournament!

  • We’ll be raffling off swag and other fun prizes at the event so you can win even if you lose! :smiley:

Shirt design is still in progress, but so far it’s looking great!

We’re hard at work up here in the Emerald City preparing for the tournament. The games are starting to come together (OK, maybe a little more than “starting”) and I’m not exaggerating at all when I say that this year’s lineup is quite possibly one of the most dialed tournament lineups you’ll ever see! We’ll be doing the same contest that we did last year where players can guess the games from hints for free entries!

As a little easy warmup, here’s game 1!

As usual, if you aren’t planning on attending or are involved in the planning of NWPC, you aren’t eligible! Don’t spoil it, ya dingus!


i have a feeling you got this one right :wink:

Nice one, Greg! Well, “nice”…:stuck_out_tongue:

Congo confirmed for NWPC 2016 Open!

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Only two months away, book yer flights! Check out our sweet new T-Shirt design this year:

With a main tournament where top 24 qualify, a classics tournament, side tournaments (including split-flipper and daily high scores), there’s a reason for everybody to come experience the great Pacific Northwest… to play pinball!


Rad shirt! Is that a Congo reference?

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Congo and mount Rainier mash up! :slight_smile:

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Fortunately, Mt. Rainier is not as active as Nyiragongo (in the Congo). Wouldn’t want the pinballs to melt in the lava. Waiting to see next machine hint …

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soon, once the Gorilla let us announce them :slight_smile:

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EDIT: Kathy Gagno guessed it right, MUSTANG added to the line up.

Here is our next game announcement, as done previously whoever guess this first win 5 free entries for Open or Classic (max 40 free entries for anyone over all events)!
You can go to the main event post on FB to post your answers and get a chance to win!

Also, we are announcing a promotion for ANY OUT OF STATE players, come to NWPC 2016 with your out of state driving license and get 5 FREE ENTRIES!


No sign of the announcement there; I have no clue what the clue was, nor when it went live.

it’s under the “Discussions” tab on the FB event linked above, most recent post, Kathy got it very quickly :slight_smile:

Nothing opened up when I clicked on Discussions. Dead air.

maybe just a temporary issue? Work just fine for everyone on FB:

This is our weekly reminder that @BMU does not have a Facebook account.

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ah yes… i’ll post it directly here too then :slight_smile: I will have to compare time stamp for the winner across two platform

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That’s what I do. :wink:

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Freshly back from Pinburgh, Here is our next game announcement, as done previously whoever guess this first win 5 free entries for Open or Classic (max 40 free entries for anyone over all events)! One guess per clue (which come one a day) :slight_smile:
Go to FB if you can (https://www.facebook.com/events/824359897696140/permalink/885433854922077/), if not see below

Here is the first clue for today "you really do not want to swim in there…"
If you are not coming to NWPC please abstain form playing and organizers obviously can’t play.

Good Luck!

My guess for today [8/1] is CFTBL.