PAPAtv Live


In honor of International Jazz Day the PAPAtv crew have a couple little ditties to play: Bally’s Old Chicago and Stern’s The Rolling Stones. Come check out the live gameplay TONIGHT at 7:30 EASTERN at


Stones Pro or LE??? I wanna see some post action


More like post flailing. I tried to master the posts on an LE and failed miserably. Technically, with a post in each outlane and between the flippers, you should be able to play forever without draining, right? I finally gave up (on the posts) and ended up putting up a huge GC score on it.

Stern RS is an underrated title IMO. It does have a pretty big points exploit though, so probably not good for competition. Wonder if whomever is doing the cast will know about or mention the exploit. The Charlie shot is awesome. Nearly impossible from the natural right flipper, piece of cake backhand. Looping 3 or more balls at once on the left ramp is a blast and can be very profitable, if you have the right things running.


It was used at Pinvasion last year with no problems. I also think it is under rated. Great game, no. Fun game with some cool rules, yes sir!


Watched the beginning of the cast but didn’t stay until RS (had to play myself).

If you stack the song Happy with one of the two multiballs (don’t remember which one), you can loop the very wide left ramp over and over for jackpots. There’s one other song you can do this with, but I only remember Happy for sure. Fairly easy to loop 2 or 3 balls at a time, which can add up alarmingly quick. It’s also a fun test to see how fast you can flip as successful shots feed quickly right back to the left flipper.


Arrrrr you ready for some pinball!? Ready to do some Stargazing with the PAPAtv crew? TONIGHT at 7:30PM EASTERN we’ll be playing Jersey Jack’s Pirates of the Caribbean and Stern Electronic’s Star Gazer! Come check out the live gameplay at:


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TONIGHT the PAPAtv crew gets archeological! Who knows what amazing secrets and priceless treasures they will uncover while playing Williams Indiana Jones and Pharaoh? The Adventure begins at 7:30PM EASTERN at: