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PAPAtv turns 5 YEARS OLD this week! To celebrate, the PAPAtv crew is going to play some classic pins! We’ve got Williams’ F-14 Tomcat, Gottlieb’s Alien Star and Stern’s Mustang. We’ll be flippin’ live TONIGHT at 7:30pm Eastern at:


TONIGHT! A pinball machine 35 million years in the making… the PAPAtv crew will be playing Stern’s Jurassic Park at 7:30PM Eastern


Somebody got their periods wrong. The Jurassic period was from 201 mya to 145 mya. But then the movie included dinosaurs that didn’t live in the Jurassic, so maybe this is all an alternate-timeline Jurassic with different creatures and a different distance back in time. Snap and un-snap long, long ago?

OK, admit it, how many of you did a report on dinosaurs back in school?

Bob, just because you were around for all that doesn’t mean it’s common knowledge to the rest of us!


And no mention of this nugget of pinball/dinosaur wisdom in the BMU EMcyclopedia?!?! I’d be able to play 4 Million BC so much better and hit that skill shot every time with this kind of knowledge that the game is totally misleading me. :wink:

Mel Brooks [the “2000 year old man”, who told cave stories … right] and I were just discussing that the other eon with the Flintstones [speaking of mixed eras]. Ever heard the song, “Troglodyte”?

Besides, one forgets a few things after that many years.

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Umm a little nitpicky… but the recent streams have had the playfield cam far enough back that the playfield looks funny, like inverted/upside down, because of the flipper area being distant (rather than the back).

Hey folks! PAPAtv is on hold this week and the next, but the good news is that the PAPAtv crew is headed to Cleveland, Ohio to cover the Stern Circiut finals at CLEPIN. Tune in on Saturday night for Classics Finals and Sunday morning for Finals of the Main Division!


Sorry folks, there will be no PAPAtv broadcast tonight because our crew is still recovering from this weekend’s coverage of CLEPIN which you can watch the archived broadcasts on

The PAPAtv crew will be back next Tuesday with a very MAGICAL game!

PAPAtv is BACK! Tonight at 7:30PM Eastern we’ll be playing a trio of pinball games manufactured by the triple Z: Zaccaria Pinball! Come check out live gameplay of MAGIC CASTLE, AEROBATICS and SOCCER KINGS at:

TONIGHT the PAPAtv crew are in a SOLID STATE of mind! At 7:30PM Eastern we’ll be streaming gameplay of 3 solid state classics: Meteor by Stern, Tri Zone by Williams and Harlem Globetrotters On Tour by Bally. Check out all the great flippin’ fun at:


Tonight the PAPAtv crew are playing Ghostbusters by Stern (with the brand new code update!) and Gottlieb’s Street Fighter II. Come join in and watch live gameplay starting at 7:30PM at

We’ve got some really fun games on the PAPAtv broadcast TONIGHT! Charge up your cell phones because we’ll be playing JJP’s Dialled In! and then get ready for some sweet spinner action with Mars Trek by Segasa! Tune into at 7:30PM Eastern

Tonight the PAPAtv crew will FEEL THE POWER with two shockingly fun pinball games by Bally. Firstly, in honor of the new animated movie we’ll be playing The Addams Family followed up by Elektra. Go to: at 7:30PM Eastern and get ready for SHOWTIME!

Hello my pinball darlings! The PAPAtv crew will be spending the evening with the one, the only, Elvira! We’ll be playing all three pinball games dedicated to the Mistress of the Dark! The spooktacular DEADstream begins at 7:30PM Eastern on

The World Series is in full swing so the PAPAtv crew are playing some major league pinball tonight! At the top of the order is Gottlieb’s Frank Thomas’ Big Hurt and batting clean-up is Grand Slam. We might even have a surpise game if we go into extra innings! So grab some peanuts and Cracker Jack and tune into at 7:30PM Eastern

The PAPAtv crew will be back TONIGHT with Terminator 2 by Williams and Terminator 3 by Stern. Can they beat these machines and prevent Judgment Day? The future is not set, there are no flips but the shots we make! Tune in at 7:30PM to

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T2 is hardly the first game with an auto-plunger. Depending on how you look at it Spectrum, Elektra (lower pf) and Centaur preceded it on this merit. Maybe other ones too.

The sweeping and player triggered gun, on the other hand, is a T2 first.

Williams did a modification to the sound board after the first handful of WPC games. If after ROMs are installed in a before board or vice versa, the music to speech loudness balance will suffer quite a bit.

Keep up the show.

Several Gottlieb sports EMs were autoplungers, too. One was just in Pinburgh finals.