PAPAtv Live


This Friday at 7 PM Eastern time PAPATV Live returns!

During this broadcast we will also be conducting a charity auction to support our friends at @Path of Play. Path of Play supports childen with special needs and their families. To learn more, check out:

During the Friday stream we’re going to play a few games out of the PAPA collection, unveil some Pinburgh banks, talk about Pinburgh changes for 2018, and show off our new head to head pinball concept.

Some of the items up for auction:
Pinburgh banners from past years
PAPA limited edition token sets
Make your own Pinburgh bank to be used in the event
Win a Pinburgh entry before they even go on sale

Join us this Friday on the PAPATV YouTube channel!


Yay! Excited for this.


will that still be from the Papa facility? :slight_smile:


The stream will be from PAPA HQ.


This might also help.

Its nice to see your back.


Monster Bash pun? Have an upvote.


Three minutes to go…


Man put a bid in the circuit banner this morning to hang in the rafters of the sanctum. I started at 50. Didn’t realize it ended tonight while I was out. Gone for 56$. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


What was the info about pinburgh changes for this year? I ended up not able to watch, but was curious.


840 spots

All new banks


FSPA gets to make their own bank as well after wining the charity auction for it.


Any changes besides bank remixes [expected] and upping the # to 840 [ditto]? Like rules, schedule, IGC, etc.? Tuned in for part of it; didn’t win any auctions.


Also hotel deals needed.


Hotel blocks will be released on the 24th when tickets go on sale.


Forgot to mention that we are adding a 5th finals division to Pinburgh as well.


168 players per division (before tweaks due to restrictions)? Still 40 qualify?


168ish depending on tiebreakers. 40 still qualify, yes.


Curious to see what the new division restrictions are.


I bid on the pinburgh entry and one of the banners and was successful on both! :smiley: woohoo! :smiley:


Which banner?