PAPAtv Live

And if only division E will have records reset after Day 1, or if both D and E will.

And if the rules will be updated on before tickets go on sale.

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From last night - @PAPA_Doug doesn’t like playing while being judged by were-badgers.

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Are those still the official rules? They look like a pre-2017 edition.

Only Division E will reset records, Division D will not.


I love Andromeda! Right, @pinwizj? :wink:

For those Black Mirror fans this is what I see wherever other people normally see Andromeda:


Join us on PAPAtv Monday March 12th at 7:30 PM Eastern as we play Monster Bash and, by request, Williams’ Fire.

We will also be revealing the game bank to be used at the Circuit Final in Chicago in two weeks!


Is it on? All I get is the promo.

Refresh? It’s up and running.

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Stern Pro Circuit games:

Aerosmith Pro
Star Wars Pro
Batman 66 Premium
Guardians of the Galaxy

I’m pretty sure Doug said the Star Wars is a pro.

edited for your viewing pleasure

Sweet jumps!

I’m kind of surprised there are only 10 games in the lineup. That could easily create a situation where the bottom group(s) already played the only available game(s) left to choose.

How would that work? Would a group play a machine again, or wait for the next available machine?


Have fun, two bottom groups, playing both Freefall and Catacomb in your round. :wink:


Freefall is awesome once you learn the secret to feeding the kicker lane!

Catacomb is probably a really underrated game. At least I’m assuming so, I don’t like it very much either. :wink:

it is a fun game but lock stealing based on random back box bagatelle sure can throw a spanner into a tournament game.

I think you meant to say “largely skill based back box bagatelle.” That is one of the great things about it, if you know the number locations the lane changing (changing assigned number for each letter) means skill matters a lot.


There’s SOME skill involved but I’m not sure I’d call it “largely.” There’s still some pretty solid luck involved in which lane the ball goes down, and I’m not sure anyone can successfully manage all 4 number stoppages at once to get a favorable outcome regardless of which lane you hit.

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i would agree with that, some skill but still pretty hard to be anywhere near consistent.