PAPAtv Live


A game that only requires SOME skill, where do I sign up?


So, @PAPA_Doug, what is going on here? Is this actually a custom translite.



It’s actually just a picture stuck on the game’s backglass. :slight_smile:


Dougly Weapon?


There was a #freedoug sitting in the PAPA trophy, this game was next to it. Deadly Weapon captivates our crew, so it needed a Doug.


#freedougs will be my lasting contribution to the pinball community.


I found a Doug on the floor today and gave him a new home.

Imagine how awesome South Park would be with Stan, Kyle, Kenny & Doug.

But there are other “Hidden Cows” in the broadcasts. We hope people catch some of them.


Hey @phendricks. U want a Doug easter egg in a game? Gonna be reeeeally costy though.


Main Division finals of the Buffalo Pinball Summer Open 2018 are underway! The PAPAtv team will begin live streaming quarterfinals at approx. 1pm on:


Looking forward to it! Wait, I’ll be chatting on it. (sorry).



New York, so EST



Chief Petty Officer Steve


Tonight the PAPAtv LIVE! crew are going to have an UNCANNY good time playing X-Men LE and the INCREDIBLY fun Hulk by Gottlieb at 7:30pm Eastern tonight!
Tune in to:


Tonight at 7:30pm (est) the PAPAtv LIVE! crew will be playing The Walking Dead and Stingray. Tune into!


LIVE! PAPAtv is streaming the first round of the Main Division finals at the Cleveland Pinball and Arcade Show RIGHT NOW! Join us at:


The PAPAtv LIVE crew will be resuming coverage of the Main Division finals at the Cleveland Pinball and Arcade Show Sunday morning at 10AM (Eastern)
Tune into:


Holy flippin’ PINBALLS, Batman!! The PAPAtv crew will be streaming gameplay of Stern’s Batman '66 (with the latest code) as well as Gottlieb’s Amazing Spider-Man. Tune into tonight at 7:30 Eastern!large


Tonight, we’re streaming Bally’s SuperPin JUDGE DREDD and the Zaccaria pin FARFALLA! Tune in to at 7:30pm (EST)


The PAPAtv crew are starting October with a pair of spooky solid state Gottliebs: Freddy A Nightmare on Elm Street and Bone Busters Inc. Watch the gameplay livestream tonight at 7:30pm (EDT) at: