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Good evening BOILS and GHOULS! the PAPAtv crew have a frightfully good pair of pins to play tonight… Data East’s TALES FROM THE CRYPT and DEVIL’S DARE by Gottlieb. Watch the gruesome gameplay LIVE (or dead!) Tonight at 7:30pm (EDT) at:


I’ve got good NOOSE for you!


Hello pinball darlings! Tonight the PAPAtv crew are playing Haunted House by Gottlieb and Scared Stiff by Bally/Midway. So tune in for some more spooky pinball fun tonight at 7:30pm (EDT)
Unpleasant dreams…


Tonight the PAPAtv crew will be playing a pair of MONSTEROUS pinball machines! Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein by Sega and Gorgar by Williams. Tune in to: at 7:30pm (EDT) Mary-Shellys-Frankenstein-


It’s a PARTY in the JUNGLE! Tonight the PAPAtv crew will be livestreaming gameplay of The Simpsons Pinball Party by Stern and Jungle Lord by Williams. Come check it out at 7:30pm (EST) on



With the news of Stan Lee’s passing the PAPAtv crew would like to honor his life and his AMAZING, FANTASTIC and UNCANNY career by playing some pinball games based on some of his most iconic Marvel characters. We’ll be playing Stern Avengers and Gottlieb’s Amazing Spider-Man tonight at 7:30PM (EST) so tune in to and share some love for Stan the Man! Excelsior! 'Nuff Said!


Tonight PAPAtv will be playing some pinball machines based on classic board games! We promise you won’t get “board” with these games- Bally Midway’s X’s & O’s and Stern Monopoly! Tune in to at 7:30PM (EST)


Any chance you’re going to go back and do MiniZag as originally planned for November 12th? That’s why I liked the post above…not that I don’t appreciate the tribute to Stan Lee as well, but I currently have a MiniZag in my basement and was looking forward to learning more about it. :slight_smile:


Hey Megan,
Sorry the PAPA crew had to push it back, but Minizag is back on the schedule for Monday December 3rd. All games are still subject to change because ya know… pinball can break down just when you need them the most. All the best and hope you had a great birthday!


Great news for all you outdoorsy types! Tonight the PAPAtv crew will be streaming Stern’s Big Buck Hunter Pro and Frontier by Bally. Tune into hunting season starts at 7:30 PM (EST)


The PAPAtv crew will be streaming gameplay of Bally’s Corvette and MiniZag. Also we’ll explore the newly released v1.40 code on Stern KISS Premium. You wanted the CODE, you got the CODE!! Come check it all out at: at 7:30pm (EST)


Tonight the PAPAtv crew will be playing with a snake and a Python! First Metallica by Stern featuring all new code, and then the classic Williams Jokerz. Tune in to: at 7:30PM (EST)