Known bugs?


I’m fairly active on the owners thread on pinside. I think he’s tweaking it.


I’m not sure if this is well-known around competition play, but I’m posting this here just in case. Is there a complete list of issues as to why T2 is banned from expert-level play?


Main issue I know of is sometimes even if you collect the SJP it doesn’t give you the points.


Ah, the T2 “Josh incident”. I have been looking into that one. However, I was never able to reproduce it exactly(!) as what happened at PAPA finals. Bothers me, believe that.

It works like this. The Gun has two run modes: “x targets remaining” and “jackpot/super”. A bit of an ants nest of procedures controlling this state when in multiball. Amongst those, a 6 seconds timeout reset. I believe it is a “stuck ball” safety for if the ball-in-gun sense switch is faulty. Or simply for the case of the ball finding its way from the Skull to the playfield, directly.

The extra ball animation, when thrown into the sequence, may cause this timer to expire with such subtlety, that the game ends up in a partially reset and messy gun mode.

And btw. When this happens, the game is truly screwed for the remainder for the multiball. If Josh had put a ball back into the Skull, we may have seen a dead game ruling.

However. Faulty RAM may certainly also be the bad guy. A one time incident like this should not scare people off using a game. There is likely much much more like this on solid competition favourites waiting to be discovered.

Hey @PAPA_Doug. If you know exactly which T2 game was used, or if anyone at PAPA can answer this, it would be damn nice be have confirmed, if this game was running the L-8 code revision. Please.


Unfortunately, back then we had multiple T2 games and no system in place to really track which games were used in events.


Cool, Doug. Thanks. I feel confident it was L-8.


5.01 appears to be available


There is also an issue where an unknown sequence of events will drop you out of multiball immediately, even with multiple balls in play. This happened twice in a single tourney (to the same player on two separate games no less) which caused us to never use it again.


Pool Sharks.

Slings may decrement the jackpot by 995K, rather than an increment by 5K.