Thanks for the recommendations. I will do that!


Tournaments every Wednesday night at the Triple Knock!


-Nick Baldridge, friendly curmudgeon from the For Amusement Only E.M. and Bingo Pinball Podcast. In Richmond, VA. The fewer flippers, the better. :wink:

I have done a variety of crazy things, pinball-related. 365 daily episodes of my podcast (now bi-weekly), helping organize a ‘bingo row’ and bringing six bingos (and a flipper game) to the 2015 York show, and now building my own multi-bingo, interfacing between modern solid state and EM hardware. Fun and ridiculously complex. That game will make its debut at York 2016 with 16 games in tow, as long as I get my rear in gear.

Post as bingopodcast on IG, here, Pinside and Nicholas Baldridge on RGP.


Olli-Mikko Ojamies, Espoo, Finland

Lurking since the beginning of the site, but been too lazy / busy / shy to write much anything.


Olli, we’re glad to have you! I didn’t have a chance to have a good chat with you at Pinburgh [or a lot of other people; I didn’t even find some people for a day or more!], but it was good to see you there.


Hey Guys. Rey here from Hewlett NY. Run a pinball specific design studio Tilt Graphics specializing in inner cabinet decals -aprons and speaker grills.


Cam Smith, Vancouver, Canada.

Playing seriously for just about 2 years now. It certainly helps getting to watch REG do his thing. There’s tonnes of talent in Vancouver at the moment, and the scene seems to be getting stronger and stronger.


Karl Lind. Portland, Oregon


nice play at PPE Karl!


Thanks Gene! What an awesome event that was, right? I have never seen anything like that before and I had a great time and I’d maybe played about 1/2 the games that were running in the tourney. Where’s your photo album for the show at?


Yeah I loved it - they’re open again for an SF Beer Week event too at the Annex on Sunday Feb 12th.

The photos from that start hereall my pinball photography generally is in this gallery and you can drill down.


Wayne Johns
Tamworth - UK

I run:
The Monday Night League at Tilt,
The Midlands region of the UK Pinball League,
The World Cup Revisited,
The Xmas Cracker &
The As Yet Unnamed.
and help with a few others

Usually enter the majority of comps in the UK


Hello, My name is Jeremy and I collect, repair, & enjoy pinball machines. Plus I have a condition where I keep buying project machines even though I have 9 pinball machines up and running! I hope I’m never cured :joy:


Hi! My name is Mike. I am newbie between collectors of pinball machines. But I am big fan of this job :wink: At this moment I have three pinball machines I got from my father.

That’s why I decided to join Tiltforums.

So, have a nice day


Which machines?? I feel like accidentally inherited machines are usually cool random titles.


I have the urge to pop those balloons hung from the ceiling.

But awesome to have Junk Yard in there though! That’s my favorite of the 90s machines.


Lol! I like it. They’re not quite baloons but paper lanterns.

JY is very popular with my guests. I will play it more when I install custom software to limit video modes.


That’s a sweet lineup! Where are you located?


Thanks Karl, I’m located near Wausau WI.


Cameron Hiebert, Columbus Ohio