I’ve noticed a bunch of new users lately (yay!) but I don’t know who anyone is based off your user name. Perhaps we can all introduce ourselves?

I’ll start: Nicole Anne Reik, Portland, OR


Brian Hill. Cleveland, OH


Mats Runsten, Stockholm, Sweden (MCR is my tag)


People can also go to Preferences (in the page header, click the avatar icon on the right) and set your name, location, and an “About Me” bio in your profile… :slight_smile:


Austin Mackert. Fairfax, VA.


That would require an extra click…whoever you are!

Evan Bingham
Delaware, Ohio


Taylor Reese Midlothian,VA

TaylorVA on forums
richmondpinball on IG


Devin Hugh Smith, Sagamihara, Japan. (Ex-brisbane, ex-toronto).

Excalabur on most fora. On pinball places, initials seem reasonable.


Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen, San Francisco, California (Danish expat)


John Delzoppo
Cleveland, OH


Adam Becker
Toronto, ON


I’m Greg Dunlap and I started this nuthouse. I’m in Portland, OR where I live with @nicoleanne.



Dan Garrett, Geneva IL


I’m . . . well I guess theres no secrets w/ my handle. However, I am in PDX and AKA CFF “Opto”.


Bryan Broyles
Rome, GA


Zoe Vrabel, Portland, OR. I don’t tend to post much, I just hang around to see if I’ll ever get to use my moderator powers to ban someone.


Pete Hendricks
Washington, PA


Steve Hill
Kansas City, MO


Danny Belrose