Thanks for the welcome Bob, would have absolutely loved to attend IFPAPA, literally my idea of heaven, unfortunately work commitments didn’t allow, hence the reason I haven’t made it to many tournaments recently. Fingers crossed I will be able to make it to the DPM next month which in my opinion is the best European tournament out there.

Anyway, this site is awesome, great to have a place for all the players out there,

Cheers, Craig


Erik Wurtenberger
Independence, KY

I’m chuckwurt on pretty much everything.


Maurizio Gagno, Vancouver Canada


Great interview, Maurizio!

Nice playing and interview with Robert, also.


Sean from


My name is Earl Lancaster, I’m playing out of Cleveland, Ohio, USA. I’ve played pinball in various forms my whole life. (I’m a huge gamer. Space Cadet 3D was my first taste way back when.) Zen Pinball in particular was always really fun for me. I didn’t even realize there was a competitive scene until last October when I on a whim joined a tournament at a soft opening of the Superelectric Pinball Parlor (Where I will soon be working :kissing_smiling_eyes:) and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I just started running a selfie league, and I’ve got a lot to learn doing this. That’s why I’m here! I love this atmosphere. It’s all people that just truly love pinball for what it is.

I hope to one day design my own machine, but for right now I’m just trying to find the time to get my Lost World up and running. :sweat_smile:


Rich Lakin, a.k.a. RJL from Rockwall, Texas.

Learned about this forum recently from Pinside where I lurk daily. I will be lurking here now as well. I speak up from time to time when I think I can add value. Happy to find another group of enthusiasts. I have 6 machines with a 7th on the way soon - GBLE.


Phoebe Smith I’m Butterflygirl24 on pretty much every forum or site I’m on. My High score initials are CAT though. :smile_cat:
I’ll say Cincinnati Ohio, but it is actually a bit east of the city. I’m in the Cincy Pinball group we’ve been around since around 2007, and I’m president of the Cincy pinball League…We have some tourney’s and pinball parties here at our place sometimes. Eventually going to get this house redone and added onto so games won’t be spread out all over the house, and they will have 2 dedicated game rooms for them, waiting to win the lottery for that though!! :slight_smile:



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The latter definitely isn’t true. I’d keep asking. Chris also runs color dmd and has a day job last I checked so he’s probably just incredibly busy.

Have you joined the socal pinball facebook group? That’s a good way to stay informed about other pinball leagues and tournaments going on in and around LA/OC.


Flash Haze from Seattle. I have the pleasure of playing some of you in real life.


G’day from Down Under (Australia), Jady here but knowm as Swinks around the pinball traps for modding etc. Have had a few pins over the last 6 years and back down to 2 games - Surf Champ and CFTBL.


Larry Pereira
Ontario, Canada


Blood Sucking Freaks is a great movie.


Hello all I’m Myles from Tacoma, WA. I’ve sort of posted a few places about myself so I’ll use this area to go all out. I’ve always been a pinball fanatic but growing up in a small town and moving a lot after college, I didn’t think to think to find a scene. Last week a pinball bar opened by my house called Triple Knock. I went by myself, spent a couple hours and brought my friend back the next day. Having a long-time love affair with pinball, I managed to get the top score on Scared Stiff my first attempt. I know now it’s considered an “easy” game but growing up Elvira was my first R rated movie in a theater, so it always holds a special place in my 10 year old boy heart. Looking to stay on the leader board (I’ve already been knocked down to 3rd) I did some google searching, ended up here, and discovered an entire world I didn’t know existed.

A little bit about my love for pinball. I grew up in a soda shop in the 80s that had a decent selection of pinball games. I literally grew up there; It was a small town with a dentist office (my dad’s) and an attached soda bar where I spent the majority of my time playing pinball and providing child labor as an ice cream scooper. Since then I’ve always loved to impress friends with my pinball skills. Summers were spent on the boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ. Pinball heaven! I also got pretty good at claw machines.

I adulted around after college until I landed in the PNW 2 years ago and found it to be a pinball mecca! In fact, my first job in Tacoma, was working a booth for Uber at a local Pinball conference. Tacoma also has an arcade called Dorky’s that is OK (21+ at night), and there are a ton of machines at various bars around town. I only recently began seeking them out after I made a new friend and we discovered a mutual interest in pinball. He’s in the same boat as me, that being a scene-newb with a long-time love for pinball. Now we’re both totally hooked. I’m here to learn about the scene, learn some skills, etc… Hope to compete some day. Thanks for the great resource.


Sounds like your dad had the perfect set up! Dentistry practice right next to the cavity factory? Brilliant.


Reminds me of


Don’t be afraid to compete. It’s a great place to meet other people who share your pinball passion. And many leagues and tourneys have multiple skill divisions.


I was going to say the same thing. If you eventually want to compete you may as well start now. You’ll get much better much quicker by playing against better players, watching what they do, asking for strategy tips (after the game), and playing under a little pressure. Most pinballers are more than happy to share their knowledge.


compete as much and as often as possible. even if you lose. It’s the best part of this hobby :smiley: