Jules Reivers
Venray, the Netherlands


Matt Vince, London UK.

I organize the London Pinball events and like to compete in comps when family commitments allow!


Matt Carlson, MMC in Brooklyn.

No High Score #4 is safe from me…


Shane Rubans
Melbourne, Australia

First Aussie checking in?


Mark Warnock. MRW
Second Aussie checking in.
Nice forum, good read.


Oyvind Moll (really Øyvind Møll), from Trondheim, Norway.

Surprisingly, the parts search I hacked together years ago based on the text files on IPDB is still in use by some people. (


Elijah St Clair
Portland Oregon

I can usually be found playing location pinball by myself… I also like yelling at the machines.


Shawn Lee
Oklahoma City, OK

Organizer of the Oklahoma Pinball Enthusiasts
TD for the upcoming Cactus Jack’s Silverball Showdown


Austin Smith
Brooklyn, NY

Really liking it around these parts!


Great pinball locations out there. I go to Sunshine every so often.


Colin MacAlpine
Austin, TX


drop a line sometime - always game to play in my backyard with anyone who’s in town.


Eric Glaab
Moreno Valley, CA

Great site!


I will most likely be going down there to play tomorrow sometime after noon.


Chris Heilig
Concord, CA

I heard about the Tilt Forums after listening to the recent podcast with Greg Dunlap.

First post!


Sunshine Bon (SMB)
Concord, NC


Tom Rader
aka pinwiztom or pinballtom
recently moved to Salem OR
from Bakersfield CA
More of a collector than a player


Andreas Thorsén, Stockholm, Sweden


Kevin Ryan

Denver, CO

Pleased to meetcha!


Kayla Greet, Seattle, WA
Skill Shot - Seattle’s Pinball Zine
Babes in Pinland - women’s pinball tournament in Seattle
Writer of “One Punk’s Guide to Pinball” in Razorcake magazine:
Soon to be co-host of the Skill Shot Pincast!