Theresa Nessel
Portland, ME


Steven Bowden
Somerset, NJ
Occasional PAPA TV Commentator :v:


Larry Scott
Cincinnati OH


Jesse Irwin
Chicago, IL

The guy with the cane who’s always at Logan Arcade.


Dan O’Connor (Andrew’s dad)
Raleigh, NC

Same handle on Pinside and Pinball Bash, goes back to my concert recordings-collecting hobby years ago.
Lurked for a while, glad I signed up! Great crowd here.


Nathaniel Gibson, Royersford, PA (Southeast PA)


Per from San Francisco. I run the SF Pinball Department, a league that meets every other Wednesday at 7:30. We welcome guests! Check out our site if you’re in town. Go to the schedule tab to find out when we meet. That’s my dog, Jimi Lee Nicks btw.


Pierce McLain, Washington DC. Everyone here seems to be nice and helpful, which makes me really happy. Initials are RPM.


Dan A - Oklahoma City, OK - Arcade Operator with lots of pinball goodness


John Gimera
Portland OR


Jake Kolojejchick
Pittsburgh, PA


Jim Swain in Hamden CT. One of the organizers of The Connecticut Pinball Sanctum.

Whridlsoncestood on other forums


Jake, are you related to erinkpgh?


Ray Smith
Tucker GA


Ryan Case, Cleveland, Ohio


Yep, while the K’s are different, she’s my partner in crime.


Barry Brdar
Toronto, Ontario


Krystle Gemnich, Chicago IL


Jay Collins, Santa Ana, Ca… glad to be here!


Kevin Birrell…or as you might know me if you play location pinball in Seattle, KCB. :stuck_out_tongue: Seattle, WA!