Jon Grieman.
I run some weekly stuff in Vancouver BC. (And deny the existence of Vancouver WA :wink:)

I also keep reasonably up to date.


Luke Shawcross
Greeley, CO

Thanks to the powers that be for putting this forum together! I can feel my Pin-IQ going up just by being here.


Chris Coyle. Co-Founder of WDX Pinball crew, Tournament choker, lover of the Portland,Or pinball scene and all around awkward dude.


Hi Chris! Just wondering…how do you choke a tournament? :smile:


Dayvv Brooks in rural Missouri (originally from Seattle)
Founder of the Ozark Pinball Syndicate
I run tourneys in the Springfield, MO area, primarily at 1984 Arcade
Always looking to promote our sport and network


Alex Pierson
Bay Area resident (for the foreseeable future) - been a BAPA member for a few years now, and signed up for the coming SFPD season as well.

I love the fact that there are so many small tournaments around here on any given month (thanks in no small part to the efforts of folks like @echa and @JimiWolf) and plenty of good players to challenge myself against.

The Bay in general is a good place to be a fan of the game, but since I moved closer to SF and Oakland, I feel pretty darn spoiled.


Ryan Recker. Fort Wayne Indiana.

Love the site, lots of helpful info here. Good community.

I Help run our local league here and location.

FTP pinball league


Thanks for this great forum!


Mark Porter, Chicago

Im a visual artist-

and a curator/exhibition coordinator at Columbia College Chicago.

I joined tilt to speak with other pinball fans about pinball repairs ( I have to fix something on my machines pretty much on a daily basis ), general news and to recruit participants for a pinball exhibition I am curating, scheduled to open in September of 2016, downtown Chicago in the Glass Curtain Gallery.


Do you play at Lyons at all?


We like to get down there for an afternoon every now and then. It’s been a lot less since our kids were born, though. I actually made it down for a tournament once, but that’s been a few years.


Just now saw this thread, I’m Gene X Hwang (GXH). Probably only see my initials at Gestalt in the Mission District in San Francisco. I’m a photographer and take lots of pix whenver I am in a tournament :slight_smile:


Raymond Davidson - Seattle WA


Hi, Nicole, Bob Matthews here. And props and hello to Jeff Rivera!


Brad Hunter - Phoenix. Started Pinball Enthusiasts group on LinkedIn. Found out about the forum from the C2C podcast.


Jeff Hart, Portland OR. Been playing for about a year and a half, just trying to learn and get better!


Hvor I Danmark kommer du fra? Jeg boede I Esbjerg, Soeborg, Lyngby, Aalborg, Roskilde, og paa Bornholm. Jeg elsker Danmark!



Jeg kommer fra Nordjylland og boede i Aalborg mens jeg gik på universitetet (min bror boede i Holte i lang tid så jeg kender også Lyngby godt). Senere flyttede jeg til København. Jeg har boet i San Francisco i næsten fire år nu :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Jyllland was my favorite side of Danmark. I wish I would have met you while I was living in San Francisco between 2012-2014. If you are ever out in the Phoenix area, let me know.