Ghostbusters Pinball Rulesheet


Follow up on He Slimed Me! So, as we know the ramp builds the value up. Slimer does count as a Super Jackpot Collect, as well as set the value for the Ballroom shots. If you have the multipliers on and hit Slimer, that value becomes the new Super Jackpot score as well. This makes it very worthwhile to build up the value if you have your multipliers lit but not active.


Fascinating. Thanks for this info.
So the He Slimed Me collect value sets the value for the next mode in that ladder (the Ballroom)? Interesting link between one mode and another. Do the other mode ladders do anything similar?

And presumably, if you get a PFx going for Gozerian mode, the multiplied mode collect shots get added to your SJP value? Hmmmmm… interesting.


After watching a couple more people play He Slimed Me, I noticed that whatever the SJP value becomes set at becomes the value of the ending Ballroom shot. Each shot seems to be a percentage of that, building up to the maximum value shot. Raising the SJP value might also raise the points for the shot in this mode. I’ll have to test that more soon.


I own a pro and can test these things out… just let me know what you need to be tested and I can record some video of it… Running 1.05 code…


I hope that Stern fixes the scene ladder bug. If a shot required to finish a scene is on a completed ladder, unstarted or uncompleted scenes will not be lit as they should be when a scene is completed. So if you completed the left ramp ladder and played through WCWSWCIA on the left ramp, then if you shoot the left ramp to complete a mode started on a different ladder, no scenes will be lit to start.


To me that just seems like its intended purpose. You aren’t starting the next mode because you completed the previous mode, but rather it’s a result of hitting the next shot to start a scene.


No; if you hit the “wrong” shot to complete a mode, you don’t start the next mode immediately, but modes are lit. Jack is saying that in the case where that shot would normally have started the next mode on a completed ladder, the “modes are lit” thing doesn’t happen.


Oh okay, thank you I totally misunderstood that.


Doesn’t seem like a bug, but it would be a nice luxury if the last shot of a mode doesn’t automatically start the next mode. I think having the option of all three modes is better for overall strategy than having to make one less shot.


You are never forced into it, it was always a choice. WGO and WBTD can both be finished on the spinner. SL has many options. SC, either spinner of right ramp. HSM ends on slimer. To be fair GTG I don’t remember the last shoot, so maybe there, but none of the others force you into anything. Really, the only place you have less control is starting from slimer on the LE/Pre when he moves into the goggles and you are forced into right orbit.


Ok. I wonder what the thinking was of not having the incomplete or unstarted scenes lowest on an incomplete ladder lit when a mode is completed under this specific condition then. If the last shot you need to hit to complete a scene is not on a completed ladder all unstarted or incomplete scenes lowest on the ladder are lit.

For example, you complete Ballroom and play through WCWSWKIA on the left ramp. You start Spooked Librarian and finish it off on the left ramp shot. No scenes are lit. Why is the player being penalized for this if it’s not a bug ?


If you’ve already played WCWS, you’ve likely been playing for a while and have won a replay. This may have been done to keep average game times down. It makes you shoot the ghost target, which is always risky.

I do find it amusing when people complain about things they have control over. ‘It sucks when you stack multiball with loopin supers.’ I doubt most of the complainers ever check how many ghosts they have via instant info. If you have no strategy on GB, it’s going to be more frustrating.


Or, instead of shooting the left ramp to finish Spooked Librarian you just shoot a different lit shot like the spinner or right loop and the scenes are lit. Even if you have been playing awhile and won a replay like you said.


John Trudeau talking about Ghostbusters!


OK, so you’re new and I had to approve your post, but it looks like the system still ate your link despite your approval. Therefore, since I still had the tab open, I’ll try adding it for you:


The 120% skill shot pipe dream:
With Tobin’s Spirit Guide lit at the start of the ball, and 6x stand-ups lit but not activated, switch the blue light to the left scoop and soft plunge. Live catch on right flipper. Post-transfer to left. Back-hand both stand-ups to activate 6x. Shoot left scoop skill shot for 60% of your score with 6x playfield going. Hope TSG gives you “10% score” . . .


It’s not a pipe dream, and doesn’t require the pinball gods to smile upon your Tobin random awards.
Shooting the R orbit shot with “10% of your score” as the listed award actually awards you 20% of your score: 10% as your listed award, plus another 10% that you get from any completed skill shot.


No “hope” needed if it’s set to comp mode. :wink:


Cool thanks Cornycrunch. So Snailman should I retitle the post to “The 180% pipe dream” ?


I don’t think that Tobin skill shot will ever result in a total of 30% of your score (before multipliers).