Ghostbusters Pinball Rulesheet


Interesting. I thought that the He Slimed Me left ramp only increased the Slimer Hurry-up value as part of the mode. So it also increases the Super Jackpot?


Added a key piece of information regarding the Super Jackpot value resetting…
Important: the SJP value resets at the end of your ball if you collected a SJP during the current ball in play. So choose wisely on when you decide to collect your SJP’s!


Yes. This is a critical point to success. Unfortunately it can put you “in jail” easily if the left ramp is needed for something else (completing a mode, for example).


Left scoop. A great alternative would be to have a Start Mass Hysteria on the left scoop. Effectively replacing the Add-a-ball with an Add-a-multiball, when qualified during MB. Too late for that I guess.


Forgot to comment, that I really dig the fact that they chose to have an instrumental version of the Ghostbuster song as the main tune of the game. I cannot emphasis how much I dislike music with singing in pinball. Looking at you Tommy, Sopranos, Road Show and - out of the scale - Black Knight 2000. Unless used very subtle and not as one of the main tunes.

The music pins are a bit different of course. And have selections to choose from. Except Guns’n’Roses.


Has anyone figured out a reason/way to slow down multiball? I think that’s my biggest issue with this game. I much prefer using ball save to flail around, then trapping up to pick off jackpots/sjps. But every time I try play SFMB a bit slower, it doesn’t go too well, and I’d probably have been better off flailing.

Is there even a super jackpot? Or is SFMB just a chance to grab ghosts and mode shots?


Disable the drop targets in settings


Right now, I’d say this.


Yeah, I feel like I’d rather just use it to creep up toward 60 ghosts. Then I can say “yeah, there’s a super jackpot…” :wink:


I see no reason why “add-a-ball” can’t be a captive ball award during single ball play, so that, like Stern ST, you can have single ball in play rules with two or more balls. I would like to request that this rule be added in version 1.06.


Cool? Yes.
But reasonable? No. Not in my opinion. Warp 9.9 and enabling/completing Kobayashi are both just a weeeeee bit more difficult than nailing a captive ball 2-4 times, followed by a scoop shot.


As an aside, CSI provides this “feature” through a bug - If you drain down to 1 ball in Skull MB and manage to hit the add-a-ball scoop - there is a few second grace period where you get the add-a-ball, but Skull MB still ends, so you are left with two balls in “normal” play. It’s not a particularly useful exploit compared to keeping Skull MB going, but you can collect more dangerous evidence shots and quickly prime the Centrifuge. As soon as you lock a ball, or start another MB, the 2 ball advantage goes away. I am unsure what the ruling is for this case in competition, btw. Is it play on ? Or beneficial malfunction ? @pinwizj ?


Hire you to either convince the TD that it’s “play on”, or that the player needs to immediately dump the extra ball in play . . . depending on whether you’re hired by the plaintiff or the defendant :slight_smile:


The value of having two balls under single ball rules is commensurate with the task in GB. First you have to hit 3 drainy stand-ups with 2 to 3 shots to light it at the captive ball and then at least two drainy shots on the captive balls, followed by the add-a-ball shot at the scoop. It is not GB’s problem if an undervalued award is given for the difficulty on ST. In other words, I think GB has the difficulty level right and ST is overly difficult to get an add-a-ball. It’s an advantage having two balls in play versus one, but not a ridiculous advantage.


While nothing major, I am wondering how to increase spinner level without that Skill Shot or a Tobin/Pops award. Again, not a big deal, but I was wondering if this is an option within this code.


I thought it was only the hurry-up also, but I’ve made the super jackpot champ twice now from increasing the value to ~11-15M or so, hit the orbit then Slimer w/x6 multiplyier going for a 78M Super Jackpot. On the rare occasion I miss the orbit and it times out, as long as I had that multiplier going while I was increasing the value the super stays at an extremely high value.


I’ve collected ~100M Super Jackpots, but still apparently hadn’t cracked the Super Jackpot champ. Does it possibly only take into account the raw, unmultiplied value of the SJP? That is, disregarding playfield multipliers and the stacked SJP multiplier? (edit: confirmed, it is the base, 1x SJP; you don’t even necessarily need to collect it, it seems)

But then again, I’d take a lot of the “x champ” scores with several grains of salt. I’ve had Terror Dog champs that exceeded my entire score. :unamused:


I believe so. Only the value that shows on the bottom of the display.

The epic Terror Dog champion scores are intermittent on the pro I play. For a while, every game would crown a new TD champ. Then for about a week or so, it got up to ridiculous levels. More than your score. These days it’s calmed down again. I’m sure it will be fixed in the next update. Irritating, but doesn’t affect gameplay. I never go for either hurryup anyway. Neither are (really) worth much.


I have been trying to get better at the controlled “clean up the slime” approach to the multiball. If you are careful you can hit slimer once, hit the green arrow, then collect super, repeat. My shot accuracy is really not there to do it, but it is really fun to try.

And super jackpot lights when you collect every ghost.


It’s a 3x super once you collect all the ghosts, but the slime approach works well. I think it’s more valuable just to pick up ghosts toward 60, 80, and 100; if you get PKE Frenzy during the multiball, it suddenly can be worth huge value. I once got a 450 million PKE jackpot… that was a big Twinkie indeed.