Ghostbusters Pinball Rulesheet


Yeah, I got triple super jackpots (call out announced it), and I had neither PFx running at the time. Maybe from qualifying 3 individual SJP, but not collecting until the third one was qualified?


Scoleri Brothers will always award a triple super. It might actually be worth going for them if you have built your jackpot.

I don’t know if cleaning up slime awards a triple, especially after SFMB. If cleaning up slime doesn’t then it is interesting because if you clean up the slime after each slimer hit, you can get 3 supers out of it.

I can confirm that I my audits state I have collected lots or supers and lots of 3X supers, but 0 2X supers.


Yes, that is correct. Actions during the game can light a 1x Super or a 3x Super. And either can be multiplied by the playfield X.

Cleaning up slime lights a 1x Super.


Oh wow. That’s huge if you can do that just prior to Loopin Supers. That would explain it, because all those unlit shots that add value to SJP add only minuscule amounts. Granted, if you have a long enough ball time, and those shots/pops SJP increases contribute during a long Storage MB, then I guess you can get decent SJP value.

Re: Triple SJP… from 1.04 Readme file: " - Completing all the jackpots in Storage Facility will now Light Super Jackpot for 3X instead of 1X."

The location GB I’m playing has newest code, 1.05.


I recommend Ernö Rotter’s crushing of Ghostbusters on YouTube. He basically does just what you described … and with a playfield multiplier.


And if you subscribe to this patreon you can watch that video with a commentary track from @bkerins – he explains what’s going on every step of the way. I wouldn’t have understood anything without it. A++ experience.


Thanks. I hadn’t visited the Patreon site recently. And thanks, Bowen!

@bkerins I agree that the link between Gozer Gozarian scores and SJP value needs to be revised. I don’t mind certain mode(s) contributing to it, but that was too much. Spooked Librarian (L scoop mode ladder) has the spinner feature to increase SJP, albeit 1/10th or so the potential that Gozer does. Does the Left Ramp mode ladder have one that also contributes to the SJP value?

Plus, in future code, I believe the SJP value will reset between balls (similar to how ACDC Song JP resets). That will help mitigate this scoring exploit, too.


I updated a bunch of stuff on the Wiki based on the latest discussion, and cleaned up some mode details, and the # of balls in WCWS.


Is there a non-random way to re-light Light Storage Facility at the captive balls after your first storage MB? The equipment targets don’t seem to do it. I’ve only been able to get it randomly from Tobin. If you do relight it, it takes 3 captive ball hits to light the locks for your second MB, as opposed to the 2 hits for the first MB.

You also light a single lock from bumper awards and at certain ghost amounts… Is it at 10/30/50 ghosts, and so on?


I think it’s only at 10, 30, and 50 ghosts. But I am not certain of this.


Yup! He Slimed Me! starts off with a left ramp lit only. Every hit in succession adds to the super value. Goes up ~1M or so every time. After enough time between shots the timer will start counting down again. Then multiple shots become lit and you can collect the JP value during that mode. I got a 75M Super Jackpot doing just that.


What is the mode on this beast that reverse the flipper control (left button for right flipper and right for left)? The top post rules doesn’t mention and a quick skimming through neither.

Anyway, I got totally hosed on a game where this situation stacked on top of an already very exciting multiball with lots going on. Although the ball saver was nice it messed things up quite a bit.

But here is the deal. Who ever is resposible for the rules here, please grace the ball saver a bit into normal non-reversed flippers on this mode timing out. Not only did the return to normal play end my multiball. So did my ball in play. Bummer.


That’s Mass Hysteria multiball that switches the flippers, you get it by collecting 100 ghosts.


Oh, I see. Right. Thought it was a mode. Did not believe I had made it that far. I must have hit the captive then. Or does it (Mass hysteria / reversed flippers) time out with multible balls still in play? I caught me by surprise. That much is certain.


I’m not too sure but I felt like the flippers went back to normal when I got back down to one ball. Those ghosts will add up if you have a long lasting storage facility multiball. I was also told that you could hypothetically have a MHM so strong that you collect 100 ghosts within it and start it over again.


This is no longer true on 1.05 (I think fixed on 1.04). Ghosts cannot be collected again until after MH. But on old code, with old slimer mechanic, this was common.


When in Mass Hysteria, hitting the book stacking captive ball will un-reverse/re-reverse the flippers.:dizzy_face:


Does mass hysteria start at 100 ghosts, or light at 100?

If it starts, I believe that rule is not greatest. As ghosts are the main objective of multiball as it is. It would be nice to have better strategic control over when to throw it on the table.

Did I mention it. Awesome game.


Starts automatically.


I’ve asked this same thing of Dwight (Stern programmer for GB).

I agree. I’ve had Mass Hysteria mess up a good mode / multiball stack in the past. It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t have the un-reverse flippers, and the re-reverse them again, during the mode.