Ghostbusters Pinball Rulesheet


Yep - I noticed that bug also. Hearning that an update is around the corner. Hopefully it comes soon.


Finally going to put some real time on this Friday. What’s the strat everyone’s using to try for monster scores? Any updates on how to get big bonuses? How to relight MB? Best ways to collect lots of ghosts?


Because it’s such a bonus heavy game, I always try for the P lane on the skill shot which is 5x bonus. I think it’s also the one you can most consistently hit on top. If you figure out how to plunge it just past the P lane, the ball hits something and falls back through the P.


On ball 1, I like to start a scene so I don’t have to hit Slimer and can use him to re-light modes on ball 2 while taking the 5x bonus skill shot. On ball 3, I might take a start mode skill shot if I am close to finishing a mode and don’t want to risk Slimer, but that 5x is big, and you often will collect hold bonus in the pops on ball 3 as a random award.

Beyond skill shots, modes are where your points lie. If you’re in a mode, focus on finishing it. Draining is bad in any game, but dropping out of a mode because you tried to pick up a hurry up (Slime award, Terror Dog) and draining really kills your momentum.

You can get HUGE points if you have playfield multipliers going and get into multiball with a mode going and Loopin’ Supers.

Wait, forget everything I said and just crush it on a built up Loopin’ Supers (have to collect 60 ghosts to start) with a playfield multiplier active.


Cool. So what about tips on how to get ghosts collected? I know that the lit ghost shots get some, but is there ways to capture more than one at a time? Not sure if the most up to date code follows the wiki above.

Also, how do I start my playfield multipliers? What’s the max PF multi you can get?


You start multipliers by hitting the captive ball on the left when it’s lit for light multipliers and then hit the standups next to the left ramp. There’s a 2x and a 3x, and they do stack for a maximum 6x. You can collect super jackpots of 100 million or more during 6x if you’ve built up your SJP a little.

Ghosts are all over the playfield. Honestly, if you just play safe and make your shots, you’ll pick them up. They’re on ramps, in rollovers, in the pops, and so on. Aiming for ghosts is probably dangerous, just pick them up through safe play.


Great thanks. I like the rules of lighting the multipliers and then activating them via the stand ups. Dwight is quickly becoming one of my favorite programmers.


They can also be lit with the K skillshot (hard) and as a random reward from Tobin. I think the captive ball awards are lit by completing the equipment standups. So complete them once and light playfield multipliers are lit, complete again and light super is lit. I am also not sure the collect mechanic, I think you need to hit the ball N+1 times in a hurryup where N is the depth of the award. Basically 1 to start flashing, then N hurryup. So 4 hits to get 2x. Need to do it again to get 3x.


What resets the Super Jackpot value during your game? I’ve found that the value seems carries from ball to ball, but it’s getting reset somehow, and I haven’t figured it out yet.


I BELIEVE it’s supposed to every ball, because when I asked Dwight about it (showing him video footage of it sometimes not resetting) and me asking why . . . he didn’t answer me, but instead replied “thanks, I’ll get that fixed” :slight_smile:


The one I play seems to reset every ball. That’s why we are always really happy if we can get to looping supers on ball one. Haha


Also when is the looping supers mode supposed to end? I’ve had it end after I hit 20 or so, then I’ve seen it go all the way to 84. Is it supposed to go forever as long as you’re hitting them all in a row?


I believe it resets when you collect one (unless you’re in loopin supers). Once I saw that they don’t reset each ball, I stopped trying to collect them early. Better to wait until they’re worth something. I like it this way and hope is isn’t changed. It would be nice to be able to see their value as you collect them. When playing alone, you have to loop it over and over often not knowing the value.

Loopin supers seems to pause the timer if you don’t miss late. I’ve nailed a bunch in a row after the timer has gotten down to 1-2 seconds.

I’ve had it end after I hit 20 or so, then I’ve seen it go all the way to 84. Is it supposed to go forever as long as you’re hitting them all in a row?

84? On a pro or an LE? I have the most at 17 on the local pro and nobody has touched it for a couple of months.


Pro. I’ve done 24 in a row, but yeah. The owner of the bar during a 5 billion game looped that sucker 84 times then the mode just ended. Neither of us new why. He didn’t miss the ramp once, so no issue of any timer running out assuming the timer is only applicable if you miss.


I assume there may be operator settings at play, but the default SJ behavior seems to be:

  • If not collected, carry the value over.
  • If you collected at least one, value will reset at the start of your next ball. Puts the pressure on you that ball to try building it up and/or reach Loopin’.


Now I’m perplexed by what increases the SJP by a ridiculous amount (vs the shots that increment it just a tiny bit).
I know about the spinner shot during Spooked Librarian, and even that only increases it by 2-3M for a good spinner rip.

I had my SJP value up over 100M today, but I have no clue how I got it that high.


I think this is the case, because I was down to 1 second with only 2 loops, and then found the groove and did 10 or so, and the timer never ran out… until after I missed the ramp shot.


There is even a small grace period to start it back up.


A lot of shots that aren’t lit for something else instead increase the SJP value. Scoop, left ramp and saucer come to mind. Pops too. Kind of a consolation prize. I think I cracked 100M once, and drained soon after I noticed.

It seems like I’ve heard SJP shots doubled and tripled when I haven’t lit either multiplier. Anyone else seen this? Another multiplier available for SJP shots that isn’t one of the two targets?


It was probably the Gozer mode. Some shots during the Gozer mode also add their value to the super jackpot. I’m not sure if that is still true with the newest code revision.