Ghostbusters Pinball Rulesheet


Not sure how you got the double double. But if you get the bonus held award on 3rd ball it will give your bonus twice, thereby making the bonus held not a worthless award. GOT does the same thing as well.


Here’s another bonus related complaint about the code here (1.05). I lost a tournament due to an extra ball plunge where the bonus scored was more than the players entire 3 ball game. Here’s the scenario.

I’m winning 60m to 30m after ball 3. The other player earned an extra ball on ball 3, and the rules were to plunge extras. He plunges and makes his +5x bonus skill shot (which, kudos to him, that’s where the play ends, so ok). The ball goes into the pops, scores a couple free awards, and drains. Because the ball saver is paused in the pops, he gets a ball save, and it goes back into the pops where he gets some more free awards, including bonus hold. Ball drains and it starts adding everything up. Total bonus on that extra ball plunge? 37m. He wins 67M to 60M and wins the tournament.

What. The. Bleep.


Moral of the story: always plunge your balls and walk away. Guaranteed winner! :smiley:


Bad moral! Bad moral!

PS - unrelated incoming mail, Joe! :wink:


Assuming you guys didn’t have keys to the game? (EB’s being awarded) And that tournament mode wasn’t enabled?

Does anyone know if tournament mode is configured for GB? Seems like the first thing it would do is even out mystery and pop bumper awards. If the pops only awarded add a ball during MB and maybe 1M points during single ball play, that wouldn’t have happened.


This can happen on literally any game where you get to plunge extra balls.

If you’ve always felt that plunged EBs were not worth much, well, now you know :wink:


There is definitely tournament mode. Also worth reminding people that you can hold left flipper before pressing start to enable it for one game even without keys.

It definitely makes pop awards an Tobin awards more consistent. Also makes the video mode not random. You get #ghosts / 10 guesses correct. Next one wrong. And the inserts are off in the mode.


Game was not in tournament mode. I don’t know why, but this was a little monthly tournament, so it’s not like it cost me $1,000 or anything.

@cayle I certainly know skill shots can be valuable and can win you a game, but that the plunge can be worth more than the whole game? I don’t see that being possible on that many games. Depending on just how awful you did during those first balls notwithstanding. :slight_smile:


That bonus was more than the whole game because the game scores were quite low. Your opponents 37m in bonus wouldn’t seem like such a big deal if your scores were in the 200-400m range.

In our league we always hold in left flipper to start in tourney mode where it’s available.

I once saw a player plunge an unallowable EB on No Fear and get something like 450m in bonus. Last night, playing AFM at home, I drained and got 3.3billion in bonus.




I know it’s nuts, but that’s not even my highest. My best ever bonus on AFM is 4.2billion.

The 3.3 last night came from stacking Martian MB with TA Kept it going for a really long time. Bonus was around 66M at 50x.


I’m not saying big bonuses aren’t a thing, but were either of those bonuses more than your entire game score up to that point, and received on a plunge alone? Doesn’t sound like it.

Yes, the scores were all very low (mind you, that was a 4 player game!), but that makes it all the more galling that it happened. Why should such a terrible game be rewarded with such a huge (relatively) bonus?


Oh, I agree with you that the bonus on GB is out of line. The other day on a 1.5B game, 695M of that came on last ball bonus. A single bonus, too. Not a held bonus.

In context, the 3.3B bonus I had on AFM was part of a 14B score.


Bonus is definitely inflated on GB. At least it’s inflated evenly for every player and not tied to some random luck (in most cases). I don’t mind if the game’s scoring is heavily weighted on bonus, as long as strategy for achieving big bonuses remains balanced.

Anybody notice that during Spook Central it says to shoot the purple arrows to save the Ghostbusters, but the arrows are white? This is on 1.05 on a GB LE, by the way.


Technically Player Competition mode (hold left flipper) is a different setting than Competition Mode (tourney mode). No idea if there are differences (other than how to start), but FYI. If you have keys and are the TD, use Competition Mode and turn off EB’s. No flipper holding needed.


Update with a few more details I have learned over the last week. I will add more after pinburgh.

Encountered a skillshot bug the other day. It was ball 1, I hit the left scoop and I was given award spirit guide, instead of start scene. Was not expecting this, so I didn’t even pay attention to what the text said. What is the current best way to report bugs to stern? Email the official address they set up for this? Post here? Post on pinside? Facebook?

Other minor bugs are around the ecto goggles and continuity. It is possible to have slimer in the goggles for chasing him away, and have him on the playfield for he slimed me. Also, scoleri’s stay in the goggles after multiball which seems strange.


Many times the left scoop is lit for Award Spirit Guide. Are you sure it said “Start Scene” when you plunged?


It shouldn’t on ball 1 if scenes are not lit. It does not become an option unless scenes are already lit I believe.


I’ve possibly seen the same bug too then. Pretty sure I’ve seen it lit on ball 1 and opted to go for the left ramp skill shot instead.


Thanks for the advice, but I wouldn’t want to reboot a machine on location without asking. Feels kind of rude.

Sounds easy enough for me to do. I shall remember that!