Ghostbusters Pinball Rulesheet


I would go with +5x bonus skill shot and Start Scene. Then I’d try to hit the GHOST standup as well as 2 hits on the left captive ball while ball save is on, to get Slimer and Storage Facility Multiball going.


right orbit SKILL Shot for lower blue arrow. Short plunge - if dead bounce works, let it bounce to left flipper. Trap. Shoot right orbit to start mode - that works for me and the kids at the bar :slight_smile:


You should be able to backhand the right orbit as well. So if you’re looking to Start Scene, you can short plunge and live catch it on the right flipper as well.


what the man said :slight_smile: Backhand to the right orbit only worked on 2 of the 3 GB I player so far? Finish the first mode with left ramp shot then it start the next one. Doing 3 modes usually get you an EB (you know for super league play :)).


You can shoot the left ramp a few times and then hit a hurry up on the proton stand ups. This option is always available.


I was under the impression that you could either get +5x bonus OR start a scene but not both. I’ve been short plunging and starting a mode (either L Ramp or R orbit).

For a novice, I’d take the R Orbit. Then go for captive ball while ball saver is on. Hit Ghost and slimer, then go for L ramp.

The modes are worth a good bit, so if you can complete a mode per ball you’d probably be in reasonable shape.

Happy to hear from those who have more time on the machine though.


That is correct. Top lane award or blue insert for mode start award, but not both. ANY skill shot award also gives you 10% of your score, except on the first ball since you don’t have any score(it awards 1M instead).

For me the most lucrative is to put top lane on far left and blue arrow on left scoop. Plunge for the top lane, BUT if you miss, miss long. That way if you miss you can get control of the ball and shoot the left scoop to start mode. The left scoop reason is that it only has two modes. Finish those two modes and you are into “We came, we Saw, We Kicked it’s…”.

Bonus can be huge on the current code. I have seen over 300M bonus on the 3rd ball and over 400M bonus on a 4th ball.


Oh yeah, another thing. The blue arrow skill shot does not appear to be timed. It will stay lit as long as you don’t hit another major shot. For this reason I do not short plunge. Why? Quite often you will plunge just a little too hard and the ball will trip the switch for the right loop, turning off any blue arrow you have selected(unless of course you selected the right loop).


definitely true for all the bleu arrow skill shot.


Anyone have any idea what goes into bonus? I was taking the plunge (short or full), hit ghost once then start mode from blue arrow camp until last night. Now I am coming around on +5x.

I finally had a couple big games. On my best I got 150M bonus, held on my last ball. That 300M is almost a third of my score. I would love to know how bonus builds so I can go for it. Ghosts? Hurry ups? PKE? Equipment?


Tournament strat? Take quickest path to WCWS, trap a ball on left flipper, endlessly shoot left ramp for @12 mil a pop?


Pretty much. Throw in a Storage Facility multiball if you have locks lit. If you get to Loopin Supers, do the same left flipper trap and left ramp shots.


Pretty much. Don’t forget PKE Frenzy; if it’s stacked with any multiball it’s generally worth looking into.


I played quite a bit yesterday, and this is something I was trying to pay close attention to.

It looked like to me it wasn’t just any switch hit that raises the jackpot, just the PKE rollovers up top. Didn’t understand the multiplier part.


With the 1.05 code, Slimer no longer awards 20 ghosts?

If so, can we revise the wiki ?



I think the skill shot bonuses are:
Ball 1: 1M + 10% of score
Ball 2: 2M + 10% of score
Ball 3: 3M + 10% of score


Huh, is that true? I noticed there was no 20-ghost bonus from Slimer at the Ghostbusters at 82, but it was there at the Ghostbusters at Pinz Bowling Center. That explains a lot, actually.

That’ll be a good way for me to figure if a machine has been updated or not. (I know the version number is shown in the attract mode occasionally, but usually, I don’t feel like waiting.)


you can reboot the machine. the code version is always displayed on startup.


This is always true. However, currently, pretty easy to know if you are on 1.05: shoot right orbit, if right scoop light for river of slime, you are on 1.05.

There must be an Easter egg code for version info. I’d not, they should add one.


I am playing code version 1.04 on TJ Beyer’s machine at 510 Pizza in downtown Oakland. Maybe my question is moot if there is a new code version coming out, but here goes…

Sometimes my end of ball bonus is counted out twice, in succession. I.e., it is doubled. This is different from the regular ‘hold bonus’ which gives you your bonus again after the next ball. In fact, in one game I had my end of ball bonus (which was like 100M) doubled AND held to the next ball, so I ended up with 400M in end-of-ball bonus from just two balls. Scored about 1B that game. Felt guilty though.

I don’t think my end of ball bonus was doubled because I had 2X playfield multiplier going, because I rarely get that I haven’t noticed it any of the times I’ve gotten the double bonus. I think it might be related to locking the triple newton balls?

Thanks for the rulesheets.