Ghostbusters Pinball Rulesheet


PRO V1.04 - May 02, 2016


  • Added Instant info page for ghost caught. Will show how
    many ghost are needed for extra ball.


  • Updated to Node 0.18.2 to fix flipper issues
  • Fixed how the 3-ball captive ball counts locked balls. It
    will no longer be complete after only 2 balls locked.


  • Completing Scoleri Brothers now lights 3X Super Jackpots
    instead of 1X.
  • Scoleri Brothers now only give one ghost during multiball
    and if you have >= 80 caught ghost.
  • Reduced how many ghost are caught from slimer during
    Storage Facility Multiball
  • Completing all the jackpots in Storage Facility will now
    Light Super Jackpot for 3X instead of 1X.
  • Increased the scores for Storage Facility jackpots
  • Increased the scores for Mass Hysteria jackpots
  • Terror Dog Hurry up now increases its value on both the
    Terror Dog target and Gozer Target
  • The Captive Ball toggles the flipper control from reversed
    to normal and back.
  • Adjusted the default high scores (lower)

PRO V1.03 - April 29, 2016


  • Added a speech call to the start of Mass Hysteria
  • Added Extra Ball to Ghost Caught. Defaults to 50.
  • Added adjustment for extra ball on ghost caught. Defaults to AUTO
  • Added Auto percentage extra ball adjustments to the various installs.
  • Added how many ghost are needed for Extra Ball to the Ghost Caught display


  • Add time was sometimes showing 0 seconds added.
  • Removed erroneous service messages for switches that are not broken.


  • Skill shot is split on the flippers now. The left flipper will only move the
    upper lanes and the right flipper will only move the lower skill shot

PRO V1.02 - April 22, 2016


  • Added adjustment to all the game to start automatically when
    you insert credits.
  • Added Bonus Held to the possible pop-bumper awards
  • Added some Easter Eggs. To do a basic Easter Egg you hold in both flippers
    then you enter a sequence of numbers/letters. To enter one
    number/letter you hit the left flipper button X times counting as you
    go. When you reach the number/letter you need stop and hit the right
    flipper button once. When you are all done you need to hit the right
    button one more time. For example to enter code 3 3 3 (or C C C) you
    would hold in both flippers then LLL R LLL R LLL R R.
  • Added Game credits Easter Egg ( 1 2 3 )


  • In only one stage of Storage facility was lit, and not the last stage, the
    ball would not be diverted correctly.


  • Default Skill shot for lower half is now the right orbit
  • Default Skill shot for the top lanes is now the left lane (E)
  • The ramp exit will now award the right ramp if neither ramp
    is already taking credit for the shot.
  • Stopped ghost capture during Mass Hysteria Multiball. The point of capturing
    ghost was to get to Mass Hysteria Multiball. Capturing resumes once the
    Multiball is over.


I can confirm that GOT does not do this. Just gives you the normal bonus and game over.

Referring to the hold bonus earned on the 3rd ball.


Well, it does now! v.1.27 addresses that.


Any idea how much gold the bonus hold award typically costs? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.


any idea how to relight “light storage facility locks” on the left captive balls after you played one MB?


IIRC it was around 3000-4000 in gold.


I do not know exactly how, but I know I have started more than one Storage Facility MB in a single game.


The game makes me feel a bit dense. I’ve not actually completely understood what lights storage facility in the first place.

I think you have to hit the captive ball a few times? I know it’s not once. Is it twice? Is this indicated anywhere? I don’t get the captive ball, really.


Well, currently it’s two solid hits on the captive ball, but with the new release of v.1.04 it should be three hits according to the read me file.


Completing the yellow proton pack drops will light another captive ball insert. Maybe try that?

Also u may have gotten the second light storage facility locks from the pop bumper awards.


yeah I got twice in a few game but I m pretty sure it was from the POP. I may try the yellow proton pack target more. MB is more attractive in new code for sure.


Started “We Came We Saw” twice today. Both times, it was upon completion of the 5th mode, I think.

I did we got one, he slimed me, spooked librarian, who brought the dog, then back off man and then it lit at the left ramp.


I think you get We Came We Saw… when you complete your first ladder. So in your case the librarian ladder after completing Back Off Man.


FYI: I compiled a rulesheet for this game separate from tilt forums. It is located at pinside currently ( but after some revisions will get uploaded to

Feel free to copy from their into here… and also I’d love any corrections, suggestions or improvements you can provide.


Ok so i played a little more today and couldn’t get either of these to work. No idea how to relight multiball.


Can anyone confirm the “flipper issues” that were fixed with the latest update? Playing a Pro on location and after entering my initials on one game, the next game the right flipper was dead. Almost identical thing happened on an early-code WWE Pro after cycling through the wrestlers at the start.

On another note, thoroughly enjoying Dwight’s code at Stern now. Can’t quite nail it, but the way modes feel on both this and GoT are a pleasant change (for me) from the titles Lyman had more of a hand in. Big IMO there, of course :wink:


Does anyone know how to build the super jackpot? I know that the scoop and saucer seem to add to it, and I’ve also noticed the spinner shot can be lit red to increase it, but I don’t know what lights the spinner in the first place.


If you make the left ramp during spooky librarian (maybe right orbit too, but not all shots) then it lights the spinner to raise the super 100k/spin after that.


[quote=“Shaneus, post:58, topic:1358”]
Can anyone confirm the “flipper issues” that were fixed with the latest update? Playing a Pro on location and after entering my initials on one game, the next game the right flipper was dead.[/quote]
To follow up on this, a solenoid was replaced and the game was up and running fully again. No idea why such a new game would have an issue this early on, but it’s been rectified. In case anyone was curious.


So to dilute this down to something simple… If I’m trying to explain to B Division / Novice level players on what to go for on Ghostbusters, what should I tell them?

Skill shot: which one?
Gameplay: Go for the captive balls, followed by left ramp to start Storage Facility?