Ghostbusters Pinball Rulesheet


I was thinking in terms of the 10% random award from TSG plus the 20% that you mentioned the player gets from the listed 10% award combined with the completed skill shot for 10% assuming a skill shot at the scoop acts the same as that of the right loop.


the extra 10% award for the skill shot only comes from the R orbit shot.
Left scoop (Tobin) shot will only give you Tobin + the 10% you get for all skill shots. So max base would be 20% if Tobin award gives you the additional 10%.


Has anyone else had issues adjusting the power on the left scoop and the subway eject on a Pro? I can adjust the settings in the utilities, but it doesn’t affect the power at all. Can make it the lowest or highest setting and it is the same no matter what. I was able to adjust this successfully in the last code update. Anyone else?


Feature adjustments #11 LEFT EJECT POWER and #12 SUBWAY EJECT POWER (GB Pro 1.10) seem to work. That is, with the minimum setting for #11 (8), the ball is not kicked out. I did not notice any difference between the max (64) and default (32) for #12.


So overall I think the rules on GB feel pretty good, but the more I play the more I’m frustrated by Mass Hysteria. When I first heard they changed it to switch the flippers on every captive ball hit it sounded great, but in practice I find that it just makes the multiball way too difficult (especially considering it doesn’t really add any high value shots into the mix). There’s nothing worse than having a great SF+WCWS stack going only to have mass hysteria come in and ruin the flow. Of course you can try to trap up and play slow to avoid the captive ball but if you have 4+ balls on the table it’s just not very feasible.

What I’d like to see:
-Move the flipper switching mechanic into a mode instead (e.g. every lit mode shot in ‘Back Off Man’ switches the flippers). Being a mode, you’d normally you’d be in single ball play where the switching would be predictable and manageable, but still interesting (and Back Off Man is probably the least interesting ‘final’ mode of the three currently)

-Add a bonus/penalty progression to Mass Hysteria based on the number of balls in play for MAXIMUM HYSTERIA:
2 balls - 2x playfield (this wouldn’t stack with the existing 2X playfield; would just act like you had lit and hit the 2X standup)
3 balls - reverse flippers (no switching; like it was in the original code)
4 balls - 3x playfield (the 2x would turn off here unless you had started it manually)
5 balls - disable flipper holds
6 balls - 6x playfield (ok maybe this is too much :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also WCWS is boring and should not just be a ‘loop the left ramp’ grind :-1:


Agreed - we already have that and it’s called Loopin’ Supers.

My biggest game came from a 6x WCWS straight into 6x Loopin’ Supers (actually interrupted by Storage Facility). So…yeah, it’s just shoot the left ramp for several minutes straight.

If you happen to get 6x going (or even 2x or 3x), there are just too many scenarios where spamming the left ramp will be the only thing that matters for your final score. WCWS and Loopin Supers in particular, but there are probably other cases. Missing the ramp slightly just relights the multipliers, so there is literally no reason to do anything else once you find yourself in that situation.


Thinking about it a little more…there are lots of games from the 80s where spamming a ramp was a great strategy, but since then, the rules have been programmed around that. It seems like with both GOT and GB, spamming ramps from the get-go will get you nothing, but both suffer from situations where an advanced player gets to the “shoot this ramp for massive scores for the rest of the ball”…such that it will dwarf everything they’ve done getting to that point.


To be fair, when PKE is running, the left ramp is about the worst shot to go for. I haven’t tried the PKE skill shot much, but I can see where it might be a good choice in certain situation (2 balls locked with lock lit).


Reversed controls are the worst idea ever. I’ve always thought that going back to when they started appearing in video games a couple decades ago.

I wonder if any serious player has ever written or said anything positive about reversed controls modes in any game, pinball or otherwise? Its very easy to find people complaining about it but I don’t remember anyone ever saying that they really liked reversed controls as a feature and wanted to see it in more games.

It really makes you wonder why this silly gimmick continues to show up in games when it appears to be universally disliked by players…


I enjoy it, I enjoyed it on Simpsons Pinball Party, and I enjoy how it’s implemented in Ghostbusters.


Well there you go, that’s one time. Any others?


Me! It’s a fun and challenging multiball. Some people I know cross their hands when they invert, but I’m used to this mechanic from years of video games so it doesn’t throw me off very much.


I also love playing for, and playing, the Mystery Spot mode in Simpsons. :shrug:


Ditto. It is admittedly a gimmick, but a fun one, as long as it’s not overused… and IMHO it has not been. And for less experienced (less jaded :wink:) players it’s an awesome WTF?! moment when they stumble on it.


Yeah I’m not opposed to the idea of reversed flippers in general (I really enjoy Mystery Spot too!), I just think the back-and-forth switching in Mass Hysteria is a little too tough to manage, especially for a multiball that you can’t really prevent yourself from starting (I accidentally brought Mass Hysteria in on top of We’re Ready to Believe You the other day and was very sad :stuck_out_tongue:). I think even a basic tweak like adding an obvious/loud audio effect every time the flippers swap would make it much more playable.

Regarding WCWS, I actually discovered the other day that once you hit a certain number of ramp shots (somewhere in the 10-20 range I think?) it starts turning on the diverter to put the ball in the saucer (effectively preventing you from continuing to loop the ramp). Unsure if it always behaved like this or if it’s a recent change, but it addresses my primary complaint since it’s not actually possible to just keep looping indefinitely. I still think the rules are kinda boring for it being a mini-wizard mode tho~


Well I guess there are more people out there that actually like it than I thought. I still dislike it, but it makes it a little easier to take knowing that there are some people who do enjoy it. I just hadn’t come across any before this thread.


This has always been there. On my pro I just let it spit out to the left flipper and it bounces right over to the right to continue the looping fun.


But where are the other ball(s) during this bounce? (When I got here I had been cradling the second ball on the left so clean dead bounces weren’t really possible.) Of course you could get yourself into the golden scenario of looping 2 balls through at once but the timing would be tight with a dead bounce in there…


Yeah this really sucks; I have to assume it’s a bug. I like to complete the scoop modes first which means if I ever want to collect Tobin’s after that point it means I have to sacrifice my mode qualification which is not great.


The back and forth switching in Mass Hysteria came via a suggestion from @sk8ball, by the way.