Ghostbusters Pinball Rulesheet

Nice recap!


Neat! Being locked into modes is my least favorite feature of any software design I can think of and if there was anything they could do to make playing GB more fun, this was it.

Wasn’t this the default setting on some of the earlier code versions?

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I don’t recall playing enough on early code versions of the game to know and have poor rules knowledge of this game in general. Probably could figure it out poking through the old release notes but they’re not posted on Stern’s site.

yes, but i don’t think it completed the mode, i think it just ended it, if i recall correctly.

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Does that mean you essentially never need to hit slimer to start a mode after the first one? Unless you time out I guess? Seems weird to reward draining…

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Yeah. I thought about this quite a bit. I needed to shift from needing GHOST -> Slimer -> light modes as often. I want to keep the game moving.

Its always better to not drain. If you can complete the mode without draining and move on to the next mode or whatever puts you way ahead.


No more video mode skill shot anymore? Good! Now I can go back to actually playing the game.


Can we turn off the false positive “Ball Save” light that flashes during Multiball any time a ball is in the scoop? (specifically… when it is not lit for ball save). With all the new multiballs and wizard modes, I imagine the fake ball save light will be flashing continuously.


While I totally agree, I’ll take this a bit further:

I never want to see that light come on unless ball save is active.


I have no idea what you are talking about. The shoot again light should never come one unless ball save is happening.

Super Jackpot starts at 5M now too. And I believe it does reset to 5M every ball even if you didn’t collect one on the prior ball.

I believe this was a legit issue in the old code. If you hit the right saucer during multiball, the ball save light would flash for a couple seconds (like it normally does for the saucer ball save) but it would not actually give you the ball back if one drained while it was flashing.

This is no longer an issue in the current iteration of the new code; the light still flashes but it will actually give you balls back now. If you’re quick you can use it to save an outlane drain~


WCWS ramp fix us solid. Would like to see that for the proton hurry up as well. That can get super valuable and with that combo now lighting multipliers could see that as a solid strategy for big points with little risk.

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Thanks for clarifying, BonusLord. Yes, this is exactly what I was referring to. Glad to hear it has been addressed!

The shoot again light appears to flash during the light show for storage facility jackpots and loopin supers

Right. In the old code.

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Another important change I neglected to mention is that storage facility MB can no longer be stacked with WCWS.

The shoot again light does indeed still briefly illuminate during some light shows, but IMO it’s pretty obvious that it’s not actually “flashing” in that case due to how briefly it lights.

I don’t really like the ramp skill shot of award super jackpot. It is essentially 5M points, since the super value now resets each ball. You can get it up to 8M if you hit the top lane skillshot first. This seems extremely irrelevant.

This was my first thought upon reading the change notes too – ramp hurry up being worth 10x value as well as lighting multipliers seems huge, even if the value now resets ball to ball. It sure will be fun to bring in lots of multipliers to modes!