Ghostbusters Pinball Rulesheet


More like “We’re Not Ready to Believe You,” amirite? :wink:


WRTBY feels placeholder right now, but could be made very exciting with some score tweaking or another level of progression within the mode. It’s a very mild reward for grinding out everything it takes to get there.

I still really, really like Ghostbusters, but it needs some score balancing, a lot of bug cleanup, and a good finishing pass on the final modes in the game. I don’t think it’s fit for competition as is, which is a bummer. Too many show stopping problems.


What are people setting their AYAG ball save to?


@Dwight: would it also be possible to provide an adjustment to multiply the scoring in We’re Ready To Believe You by a factor of say, 100x? :wink:
It’s got some nice rules to it, but the scoring is ridiculously low for a wizard mode relative to other game scoring.


I’m terrible at it so I’ve been bumping it up to the max. So hard to get there, so I want to experience it for as long as possible. :grinning:


Did you stream it? :thinking:


Seconded… Seems like a software thing, because the game returns the balls to you, so it knows that you’ve hit them.


Does anyone know if the Scream is disabled when competition / tournament mode is on? I’ve owned one for a few months now and have never had it happen, and I’m wondering if it’s due to a setting I have…


Leave the game on when you go to bed Ray . . . see what happens.

They all float down here . . .


have you try that at your house Josh? :slight_smile:


Funny enough my dad has a giant blow up picture of the Bally Circus clown face in the basement (

Zach and I would rarely go down and play by ourselves when we were kids for fear of that clown killing both of us. The best would be if we played the ‘last game’ you definitely wanted to be Player 1, because you could run upstairs after your ball 3 leaving the other brother ALONE in the basement with that fucking clown to play your last ball.

And then IT the miniseries came out . . . and I haven’t been in my dad’s basement since :slight_smile:


Steve Keeler picked this one up from a mini golf course in the area. Can’t fit in his basement so he’s got it on the side of the Circus shed… which has a Bally Circus in it.


Severely not interested in going there :slight_smile:


I have a saying I strongly believe in:

There are two types of people in the this world.
1 - People who fear clowns
2 - Clowns.

@Snailman If I revisit Ghostbusters I will look at balancing the scoring.


yes please! [even though I’ve never been (yet) there but friends who have all have similar complaints of the scoring being too low] :raised_hands:t3:


So are you saying there is a chance the code is final as is?


We will try to fix bugs when we can. But otherwise you should ALWAYS assume that there will not be a code update for a game that is 1.0 or greater.

With that said, I would like to revisit Ghostbusters, when I can, and my bosses are pretty reasonable in that court.


Good to hear. There are some game stopping bugs that would be nice to see cleaned up. It’s a great game, but with a little score balancing and bug squashing, it could be an all-time great.


I really appreciate your expressing your desire to finish the game. Can you explain the thought behind the scoring in We Are Ready to Believe You? I’ve talked to several players that have gotten to it and we are trying to figure out how to build the SJP value. As it stands it seems like the value to the mode is really low for what can be earned during regular play.

I’m also curios as to how one starts Are You a God. There is a ball save for the mode so I assume it is in the game just not sure how to qualify it.

Also curious as to when the Librarian insert is used. That one is lost on me as well.

Thanks for any insight you can share.


I want to be clear. I consider the game to be finished. I think that the game is fun and interesting as is. But there is always room for improvement.

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