Ghostbusters Pinball Rulesheet

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“Spook Central: Starts with hurry-up on left ramp to determine jackpot value. Counts down starting at 15,125,000 down to 1.5M”

sometimes the value is 20M or even 25M, how did I raised this value ?? I did it but I have no idea how I did it…

That is interesting. If no one knows I will do some testing when I return home this weekend. Both thematically and based on the fact I have not seen this I would guess Terror Dog / gozer hurry-ups as the first thing to explore. I guess it could also be something that is grown in the library stack to encourage chronological play.

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I think there is a pop bumper award that increases the value.

I think it’s add time

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Maybe it is a pop bumper or Tobin award. But I can tell you it doesn’t seem related to

  • claiming Terror dog or Gozer hurrys
  • having played WCWS
  • having had playfield multipliers during wbtd
  • having cashed in a super during SFM
  • collected a bunch of ghosts

Didn’t feel like testing through hotel ladder. But I am stumped. I have still not seen any number but 15,125,000

Remembering old code possibly? I thought it was more valuable in older code.

I’ve seen this too, although it’s been a while. The usual MO is to catch the ball on the left flipper, then backhand the left ramp for full value. Count down never starts. I missed the catch once and noticed the value was noticeably higher. I want to say something on the upper playfield did it. Pops, Gozer target or rollovers. Seems like I hit an orbit or shot it into the pops before it increased.

I’ve seen this a few times on the latest code, too. My guess is the “Add Time” pop bumper award boosts the hurry up value.


Yeah, that’s definitely what “add time” will do to any point value hurryup. It’s also definitely not playfield X; I’ve collected the initial hurryup with playfield X many times but it always displays the 1x value.

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I’m running the latest code…

Is it a frequent enough award that this should be a strategy if you miss the frozen hurry-up? Is it available is tournament mode? Thinking a bit more maybe it is a strategy to stack with SFM (although saving the stack for Gozer still seems better).

I don’t see why tournament mode would disable it, but I don’t get it that frequently to begin with. If I’m whiffing the ramp shot, I almost hope I drain so I can reset the timer and maybe collect a K skillshot instead.

Does anyone know why tilting exits your mode, but draining doesn’t? Is this a bug or deliberate punishment for tilting?

I hope - and wouldn’t be surprised at - that it’s a bug. I vaguely recall tilting one time that didn’t require me to requalify my mode.

perhaps the mode timed out right as you tilted - or the timer secretly kept running or something…

No it happens every time you tilt. You go back down the skill shot tree. 1.10 or whatever is current

Could someone please explain the rules for lighting the playfield multiplier on the left captive ball for the final software ? With the captive ball playfield multiplier insert lit and the 2x multiplier qualified on the left stand-up target, I’ve hit the captive ball up to 8 times on the same ball in play and not gotten the 3x multiplier lit. Also it sometimes takes several hits to light the lock off the captive ball light-lock award and other times just a couple of hits.

Thank you

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I asked the same question earlier in the thread. The answer is: sometimes if you you have other things lot on the captive ball they will take priority (bug) or sometimes the timer logic for resetting the captive ball bugs out and does funny things.

Also I have no clue if you can ever relight Light Storage Facility after your first multiball.

I’m sorry, I didn’t see your earlier post or perhaps I saw it but forgot it was already posted. I have been able to get Storage Facility multiball more than once from the captive ball on the LE on factory settings and on a pro with easy settings. I don’t remember if I have gotten SFMB more than once off the captive ball on a pro with normal or hard settings though, so probably not.
Since the game is considered done, I guess it will be like NGG; really fun but buggy or like CC, fun but unfinished with “Are You a God” being the equivalent of Bionic Bart. “Time To Go To Sleep Now” - Bubba Bart.