Games you can skillfully achieve multiball in 3 flips or less?


The Simpsons Pinball Party


Cactus Canyon- Skill shot a collect lock, shoot scoop to light locks 2&3, bounce pass, shoot lock 2, bounce pass, shoot lock 3.


Demolition Man


Champ Pub


Demo Man is a great one for this (although it requires claw lit at game start)


It doesn’t require this - plunge hit scoop with left flipper and leave it up, bounce over ball and hit left ramp, left flipper still up, bounce over ball, drop left flipper and hit multiball start - 3 flips.


Unless I’m mistaken, the scoop feeds the right flipper, not the left.


All on ball 1:

Dirty Harry


DH? How many badges are needed default settings?


I was thinking it was side ramp skill shot via gun (0)
safe house twice (2)
then warehouse (1).

Because regular multiball isn’t happening with default settings.


Yep that.


The point is that you never drop the left flipper until after bouncing over after hitting the ramp. You are right about scoop feed, but it can be done without the claw.


I guess you could also go scoop (leave flipper held) -> right flipper -> left ramp -> bounce over -> stage upper left -> left loop for mb which is also three


Can you stage on Demo Man? I’m thinking you can’t, but I could be wrong.


You can’t on mine. Even with the cabinet buttons.


A couple more I have in mind:

High Roller Casino - 1 flip needed. The center ramp at the beginning is lit for the wheel on the backglass. Traveling 6 spaces will automatically start a multiball. That being said, I don’t know if this counts or not, as the game randomly generates two numbers between 1 and 6 and you pick one, so you have a 1-in-3 chance of it being available.

Capersville and Star-Jet - 0 flips needed. The steps are the same in both EMs. Plunge a ball so it lands in one of the saucers, plunge a ball so it lands in the other saucer, plunge again and shake the balls loose. Or if a nudge-required one is not allowed, then 1 flip in Capersville to release them, and 2 flips in Star-Jet (one per ball). I think–I don’t know the rules to these tables and I’m reading what they say on the playfields.


First time posting on this forum so hi to everyone.

You could do this on Tommy depending what the feed from left orbit to right flipper is like. With a lot of Tommys keeping the right flipper held up after a solid hit to the left orbit, will allow the ball to bounce over and in to the LHS scoop. If you watch some PAPA videos you will see players testing this during the game as it can make play a lot easier.

If the feed is working then it can be done in three.

  1. Hard plunge let ball dead bounce from left to right flipper backhand into Union Jack hole. Start Christmass mode.

  2. Wait for VUK feed to right flipper. Hit left orbit keep flipper raised. Next mode is lit from orbit shot and started via bounce from right flipper into left scoop.

  3. As long as no pops have been hit then second mode is always Cousin Kevin. So wait for feed from left scoop dead pass to right flipper hit either standups on the left ramp to add a ball. Two ball multiball.

The above may sound like a lot of luck would be involved but honestly if you getting a bounce feed from the right hand flipper into left scoop then it will be happening 80% of the time consistently. In that case the above would be pretty easy.

Whitewater could be a fun option as there are two very make able three shot multiballs. One might even be two shots depending on the game settings…


Correct. The handles are wired to the “upper” flipper switches on DM, and the game is set up to fire both left flippers from either switch.


Unfortunately on Tommy, during Christmas the ball is redirected from the loop to the bumpers. It’s definitely still possible not to hit any bumpers, but the loop-to-held-flipper can’t work.


Sounds like the making of an IOS game. Pinball Puzzlers!