Games you can skillfully achieve multiball in 3 flips or less?


DE Jurassic Park


Stargate (no flips) lol "skillfully"
Police Force (even if lock starts unlit)

I’m not including non-tourney consolation MBs, which LOTR, WOZ, Hobbit, and WPT have. Countless others too, I’m sure.


EATPM - On easy you can just soft plunge to the flipper and hit the lock. Do that three times and you will be staring multiball with about 30k points. On hard you will have to plunge up to the bat lanes and hit all three to light the lock. This is unlikely but doable.


This is possible from the plunge on a lot of Premier games.


He said “skillfully”. :wink:


Grand Lizard
Phantom of the Opera
Judge Dredd
Space Station
Space Shuttle

There is some luck in getting a ball to a flipper in a couple of these I guess.


BSD – drain balls 1 and 2, collect pity mist on ball 3

Edit: n/m, won’t work for pingolf


do control moves count as flips?


I guess I should have clarified on ball 1 since if you don’t get it it’s a stroke so any pity multiball would be a score of 3. I didn’t take into consideration premiere games but I guess it’s nice to know which you can. Also assume tourney mode so games like TZ you would need help getting fastlock/ and or powerball so probably not a good one. For I500 I was thinking the quick pit mode. plunge, flipper pass, shoot right orbit. Again you would need some luck so not likely to use unless tourney mode has a fixed starting mode.


yes as does lane change. So for Congo skill plunge the R outlane, both inlanes, then superskill the kickback combo all during playfield validation for a no flip Diamond hunt.


ST:TNG wouldn’t work for a hole in one in pingolf then obviously.


I thought the J lane validates play field? I feel like I’ve drained on a no ball save Congo by accidentally plunging too short and it U-turning to the right outlane




Yes but congo goes by time rather than times saved. So you can do the inlanes, R outlane and still have another 5-8 seconds of ball save to nail the left outlane. Just plunge before the autolauncher does.


Well, in TZ you can be guaranteed fast lock mb in 4 (3 with a drain), but that’s the same as regular multiball anyway, so I guess it doesn’t really matter that it’s too much.


Four Million BC


All you gotta do is successfully ricochet into all the dino targets in one or two flips!


  1. Hit scoop to start Stampede
  2. Skillfully shoot pops perfectly so that 2-ball is lit, and ball exits pops into left inlane
  3. Backhand mode start on the fly


I was thinking PZ as well. Surprise! Instant Multiball.


Black Rose if you’re super pro


Three shots to Cottage starts normal multiball. On tournament settings instant MB is 5th comic award. edit. doest work, still need to transfer from right to left after feed. Do tap passes count? :wink: