Games you can skillfully achieve multiball in 3 flips or less?

in a single player game. trying to come up with a list as a future brutal golf objective :wink:

Big guns

No flips:


Avatar and World Poker Tour if the tilt is loose enough, I think.

Oh and add Spring Break and Going Nuts to the no flip list, right? :wink:

Centaur - 2
Demo Man
Fish Tales
Kiss (zero is possible without the pops post)
Nip-It - 1
Scorpion - 2

Congo with some skillful plunging and playfield validation tricks

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WOZ, 2 flips

Does a ball 3 consolation multi-ball qualification count? If so, then you’ve got:

TFTC, 1 flip (I believe)
Goldeneye, 2 flips

And probably others…


Walking dead? You might need it to drop the target bank on the way back as well.

With or without have-to drains between flips?

Diner is three flips. But light lock returning to the left flipper might not be a possible back hand to the lock.

You can get pity Lard with two drains and one flip.

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hard plunge to get right orbit yellow light, short plunge to the gem yellow light, quorra, side ramp, scoop!


If you allow drains pretty much every data easy game.

Also MARIO Andretti you can get multiball from the skill shot on ball one. Zero flips.

I think living dead girl MB on RZ is only three shots to those stand ups to start.

I am assuming by skillfully you mean could be reproduced 100% of the time (I.e. no luck). So mode switching randomly on a spinner or pops is out.

RCT (0)

Ballsave / bangback on many many games.

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Skilfully is the key here - not allowing for lucky ricochets, or pop bumper changing awards, or mystery awards. Some of those listed I just don’t see a way of achieving MB skilfully and consistently on factory settings.

How would you do it on I500? Right flipper to left loop to light lock (1), upper flipper to lock 1 ball (2) From the plunge/ball save you then need to use your 3rd flip to stop ball from draining SDTM. Even if you hold flipper up after your 2nd flip and have the ball roll over to left flipper there’s no shot to the lock. Or am I missing something?

Likewise, I don’t see how TZ, MM, can be achieved, any explanations would help.

Others are just too convoluted, or rely on too much luck -
TWD - have 3 shots which knock down ALL 3 drops, one of which then knocks down all 3 on the way back - never going to happen.
Tron - how do you short plunge to Gem? Does a hard plunge even award right loop?

IJ - mode start Well of Souls, use ramp to change mode if necessary. Can you lock starting mode?
Hobbit - hit all 4 lock targets off skill shot/shots, followed by 3 right ramps
WPT - possibly 3 left loops for All-in MB, can’t see any other way

Short plunge to Gem is the one true skill shot in Tron imo. The ball has to come out of the shooter lane at just the right speed to sneak into the gem lane and tickle that gem switch.

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MM is not convoluted at all. Don’t want to spoil the fun of figuring things out :slight_smile:

On IJ, I was just think 3 you cheat Dr Jones locks.

Oh, add JD on the obviously list.

Does it involve the Catapult?:joy:

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You can skillfully bank a shot from the left flipper into the lock. I have done this accidentally many times, but if I was able to figure out how, I would change the word ‘accidentally’ to ‘skillfully’. Also, from a practical standpoint - it might be rattleproof.

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[quote=“WWJ, post:15, topic:2300”]
Hobbit - hit all 4 lock targets off skill shot/shots, followed by 3 right ramps
[/quote]Hobbit also has a pity Smaug if you’re under 20k on the 3rd ball. Skillfully miss three skill shots plunges and hit the mystery target in one flip to start it.

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