Games you can skillfully achieve multiball in 3 flips or less?


Swords of Fury. Plunge and let ball fall, dead bounce over to right flipper and hit the lock shot. Repeat 2x more to get multiball.


Sopranos - sneaky lock into Stugot’s


Bet that is much harder than it sounds with only one spare flip to get 2 balls under control :wink:


You sir are 100% correct. Hadn’t noticed before but jumped on to Tommy last night and yes the diverted feeds the pops on christmas mode. That’s what I like about pin golf or other strategies that get you looking at a game in a new light. You endup discovering aspects of the game that where always present but you never really picked up on before. It makes a nice change from just trying to implement a specific scoring strategy. I spent about half an hour trying to get the lost mine multiball in white water after reading this thread. It gave me a lot more appreciation for the technical difficulty of the shot. Finally got it but my table already has one of the items awarded at the start of the game. Not sure if this is the same for tournament settings. You need three flips to cash this multiball with two shots to the mine and one flip to catch the feed out from the first shot.


One of the last great exploits in pinball :slight_smile:


Is this an exploit because you can shoot the center over and over and get 500k for very little risk indefinitely?


I figured the MB for WH20 was the Whirlpool Challenge.

  1. Insanity falls 2) Center 3) Bigfoot Bluff which should start Whirlpool Challenge.

No? Or is this just an alternative?


Popeye. Skill shot lite lock then pop it in bluto x3


Yep. Skill shot on Freddy starts a multi-ball on EVERY BALL. Premier was the Oprah of multiballs. YOU GET A MULTIBALL, YOU GET A MULTIBALL, YOU GET A MULTIBALL!


Yip that would be the standard MB in three shots. The lost mine is makeable in three of the first item is pre-awarded. Have to check if this is a standard setting or just adjusted that way on my machine. Still going for whirlpool multiball is a lot easier. It’s a great feature of white water having that early multiball that also forces you to control the balls to maximize scoring. It also provides a risk free way to determine the how the kickout from the lost mine is feeding, which is handy in comp.


In tournament mode no items are spotted


T3 --> Mystery —> Multiball
Not sure if this is actually possible… 0 flips.


Not in competition mode.


STTNG Borg Multiball in two flips:

ball one: select “light lock” on the plunge. drain.
ball two: select “light lock” on the plunge. drain.
ball three: hit the drop target to light ball 3 lock, then shoot the right orbit to start Borg Multiball.

pretty sure factory settings allow you to select “light lock” twice from the skill shot.

you can actually do this in ONE flip if the Delta or Neutral Zone locks are lit. Those only light up based on the percentage of games that get to multiball, though. so if you play 20 games and don’t get to Borg Multiball, they may both be lit at the start of your game. if you get to Borg Multiball often, they might never light up. i mention them because whether they are lit or not is not random or luck-based, technically.


Waiting for the next Keefer game where the value of your jackpots in multiball are based on how many flips it took for you to reach that multiball :slight_smile:

Efficiency Jackpottttttt!!


whoops, missed this post. disregard my comments. :slight_smile:


Ding Dong the Witch is Dead is very similar to what to bring up. :wink: (You lose IIRC ~100 points/second you press flipper buttons.)


That’s totally obvious while playing . . . :scream:


I heard the next JJP game has a 3rd leg in the front such that the game can just repeatedly kick you in the nuts during multiball. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lost in space tournament mode :joy: