Game you like, game you hate (that you played at Pinburgh)


Shaq is a fine (awesome) tourney game imo. Read up on the rules - the 5k awards present an interesting alt scoring path with the hidden features bonus.


2 5k collects is worth 10M in bonus per ball + good points up front, so I don’t see the issue here. :wink:


Many players do that and sit there taking forever to get nowhere. I nailed the spinner and got up into the standups as much as possible, obviously riskier but the only way to get the game to pay off. I will say at the end of my game I just need a few points to overcome someone else’s score, so yeah, I rested on that strategy for a minute but decided it was too boring and played the game for max points instead, still won that game.

Liked: Deadly Weapon (it was at Replay but I didn’t play it in Pinburgh but it is different and fun)
also liked Mystic. Couple of Atlanta guys have one but I always lose on it. Blew it up on ball one and put in three solid balls this time.

Hated: Road Kings. Two house balls straight to the outlanes with no flip. Screw that game!

Oh yeah, there was also the game, can’t remember which, that gave someone else instant multiball and me 15,000 on a mystery award, that’s BS in a tourney like this.


Rocky and Bullwinkle? Saw a couple people get instant Tri-Ball as a mystery award, one on the first ball.


I thought hidden features only paid on ball 3? If this is true I might change my strategy to make sure I get #3 on ball 1 instead on trying to get #1 put together. Still I would be excited about the 5000.


by far the game i hated most was Heavy Metal Meltdown. what a hideous looking and hideous sounding game. it was full of bright LEDs constantly flashing in the player’s face, with sound effects that managed to take the very worst aspects of deedly-deedly-deedly guitar wankery make them even more annoying by synthesizing them and playing the same 2 or 3 cacaphonous sound clips over and over non-stop. ugh. the game is like an aural seizure.

favorite game … i dunno. GNR was surprisingly fun. don’t like the band, but enjoyed the way the game shot.

before i remembered Heavy Metal Meltdown, I was going to complain about any 1-player EM. I generally like EMs, but I think it’s too much of a disadvantage to go first on single-player games. you have no idea if you’re doing well or not, not just for the first ball, but for the full game. plus every other player gets to watch your full game before plunging a single ball. in addition to the competitive unfairness, it’s also less fun for the players to stand around watching other players for very long stretches. if you’re player 1 or player 4, you have to wait for 3 people to play their entire games while you stand around doing nothing.


every reason you don’t like HMM is why I loved it. I’m sure if I owned one I’d get very tired of it though.


There are lots of days when if you walk through PAPA HQ the only game turned on and being played is HMM.


hahaha woof


I would be happy just to spend my days walking around PAPA HQ, of course fixing and playing machines. :slight_smile:


Love motor show
Hate Andromeda


Like: The Rolling Stones (Stern)
Hate: Blackwater 100


This is why you need to watch games on your bank outside of just your match :slight_smile: PinburghTip: Watch how the other games in the bank are playing BEFORE its your turn to play that game. Have other friends on the same bank… ask them how their game played.


Love: Dragon
Love/Hate: the Party Zone w/lightning flippers


Unfortunately, we were still learning how to do tournament game settings during the early/mid 90s. The “Tournament Setting” for Shaq Attaq did not disable the automatic Multiball feature that gives automatic Multiball to any player who has not played Multiball yet. That is why some players received a lock at the beginning of ball 3. It’s my fault!

btw, the strategy for Multiball on Shaq is to try to relock all balls in the ramp. If you do so, the game will award you a Jackpot and light Super Jackpot when it releases all relocked balls.(So you get two quick shots at Super Jackpot. This will also find 1 hidden feature.


Where was all this deep Shaq info last week?? I was shooting baskets before the ramp in multiball like a dummy! :astonished:


What’s a good score on Shaq Attack anyway? I won my round with around 350 million, second place had about 300, and it dropped off a bit from there. The four player game BEFORE my match nobody had broken 100 million. Just remember on a premier, don’t overthink it, because the programmers certainly didn’t bother to. If there’s a moving basket, shoot it. If there’s a flashing ramp, shoot it. And if there’s a hole/VUK, shoot it. You’ll probably get a multiball.


I suspect our knowledge around the oddities of Premier rulesets is about to grow exponentially.


Just like me trying to figure out Big Hurt. After all the baseball related stuff didn’t seem to score much I just stuck to 50 mil orbits all day.


Also DON’T TILT BALL THREE. You score 10M per Frank Thomas Card collected in bonus on ball three, and you always have at least three. I won a point on this game with three no-flip balls because I ended up with 33M total game score. Meanwhile player four got to 30M but tilted ball three and got a zero.