Game you like, game you hate (that you played at Pinburgh)




Skill shot is timed plunge.


Like: Surf Champ

Hate: Sound Stage & Police Force


Hey… I did it multiple times in our round. Do I get multiple hundos? :slight_smile: The left one was far more make-able then the right side. Getting the skill shot (timing the green light) is helpful in a tight game too. I actually got to complete a few objectives in the game and had to work the green flippers to select a challenge! I felt accomplished :smiley:


well most of the games I saw being played in our set were on the order of 100-250 million being winning scores. I think I even saw @keefer with a sub 150 score?? Forget exactly. And in our match… ball 3, player was playing from behind at about 70 million I think and got the double your score award… leapfrogging at least 1, if not 2 other players. I think it’s crap that such an award is in a tournament game. We should no longer be scraping for games to fill the banks…


Interesting. When did you play it? I played it round 10. Maybe it was tired. Couldn’t make either on the fly from an inlane feed.


Session 5. Didn’t say it was easy :smiley: The right side was like pure vertical… but the left side we got up there a few times. I think Rossi got up there once too in our game.


Maybe you can show me over beers next year. Man that was frustrating.


Sure! Look for the guys with solo cups and playing Dollar games… :smiley: :smiley:

I was just happy to see it working reasonably well. Those two games are unique and fun to play for a off the wall experience. At allentown this year they had Blackwater and Lost World right next to each other… that was sweet.


Like: Alien Star
Hate: Motor Show (why, when given a CRT TV to work with, did they use the smallest and worst font possible? Also, I came to play pinball, not video games)


Hey now. You have to be decent at pinball to get those sweet, sweet video games.


Hate: Slick Chick, especially a 4 points ball 1 T_T
Like: Surf and Safari, it is rare to play one you can nail ramps on both side!


Like: City Slicker (so fast, and the flipper by the saucer to slam the ball back at you)

Hate: Rocky & Bullwinkle (sure, just double that dude’s score, that’s cool)


Like: Quicksilver
Hate: Dragon


Like: Strange Science
Hate: Slick Chick


Like: Heavy Metal Meltdown
Until I played this game, my favorite guitar riff in a game was the repeatable ramp in Police Force. I had no idea what I was missing. Only out of competition, I was able to roll this game on ball one, which I have never done on any other game of this era. Especially not on the first day I ever played it.

Dislike: City Slicker
The first game I played in round 1, I had never heard of it and couldn’t figure it out in time. It was just the beginning of many reminders that it’s really difficult to know every single game in a tournament like this one. That pop bumper at the top of the ramp is diabolical.

This was my first Pinburgh and I had a great time playing all the Good games, all the Bad games, but especially the Good Bad games. Thanks to everyone involved for the great event.


:thumbsup: Andromeda.
:thumbsdown: World Cup (not '94).


World Cup is ridiculous!


Like: Andromeda (not surprising anyone with this pick)
Hate: Strange Science


Like (ish): Sound Stage
Hate: Band Wagon