Game you like, game you hate (that you played at Pinburgh)

Ripping off Slam Tilt Podcast here :wink: Either a game you never played before or never competed on before.

Like: Rocky & Bullwinkle

Hate: City Slicker


Like: Gator
Hate: Riverboat Gambler

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Like: Royal Flush Deluxe
Hate: Shaq Attack

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Like: Mousin’ Around
Hate: Hot Line

Like: Phantom of the Opera
Hate: Clown - had to play it as a backup game after Embryon crashed.

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Like: Solar Fire
Hate: El Boro


Hate: Hang Glider
I didn’t pick up any new likes this year sadly.

Like: counterforce
Hate: Motor Show (aka the DQ engine)

Like: Andromeda
Hate: Blackwater 100. I’ll give anyone 10 bucks if they can make the ball back up to the upper playfield from the lower flippers. Haha

Like: Torpedo Alley
Hate: Torpedo Alley (I lost a tiebreaker on this in B finals to get knocked out :frowning: )

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Hate: That Hobbit game had no business being in the tournament at all, much less the A Finals bank. It was a known issue that the right ramp dumps balls in the outlane and absolutely nobody cared. “Yeah, it’s been doing that.”

Game would have been pulled from a bar league. Not sure what anybody was trying to prove with that one but I didn’t think it was cute. We pay a lot of money and spend a lot of time participating in that tournament and to have a game like that in the finals - or tournament at all - is not appropriate.

Like: Everything else. They all seemed to play like normal, functioning pinball games. Game I’ve never played or competed on before I’ll go with Ready Aim Fire. It’s…in it’s own way…a skill game.


I lost a ball into the outlane from both ramps. Right ramp - diverter - outlane. Left Ramp - moonwalk - outlane.

Like: Grand Lizard
Hate: World Cup (not World Cup '94). Kicker - scoop - live catch - repeat forever.

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I played that bank during qualifying and yeah, not a good specimen for that title. Aside from the habitrail suicides, it seemed like all the power settings were on max and the ball was literally flying all over the playfield.

I was actually looking forward to seeing some high level play on Hobbit to learn some things and gain more appreciation for the game, but it didn’t happen. Every match I saw on it was a battle of the garbage games. Even the tiebreaker to make the A finals between Dave and Colin was terrible. I didn’t get a chance to play it, but aside from the ramp > outlane, does that game even play as it should with lightning flippers? Seems like an awfully wide playfield to make that switch.

And it’s too bad that players were avoiding it in playoffs because the rest of that bank was really solid!

Like: Space Race
Hate: Cactus Jack’s

Also confirmed my feelings about Surf 'n Safari :head_bandage:

@jeldz the game is way too easy on normal settings. Lighting flippers seems like a fair compromise if you are gonna put that generally terrible game in the tournament.

Cranking the flipper power up to well beyond spec so it plays like Rollerball and throws ramp shots into the outlane isn’t. The game I played in I’d guess 50 percent of made ramp shots resulted in drains.

This game was chosen to help decide the world match play championships, and settle who moves on and who doesn’t after 3 days of pinball competition at the highest level.

Nope. Just rebuilt clean and fast. All coil settings were factory.


Flipper power was factory.

It wasn’t intentionally set up to dump balls in the outlane. We ended up disconnecting the mode divertor so this wouldn’t happen.