Game you like, game you hate (that you played at Pinburgh)

I was surprised that one wasn’t dealt with in software. The other side was just as bad though :frowning: (this is not to imply that I couldn’t have played better)

@PAPA_Doug, what were all the little post-its on the games? Notes for techs/TDs about previous malfunctions?

This issue was brought up by Escher in practice. It was brought up by Trent in my game after he scored 1000 points on ball one. “Yeah it’s been doing that.”

I’m glad the issue was addressed eventually but I don’t understand why it was allowed to go that far.

I wasn’t made aware of the issue is the only answer I can give.

Once I was made aware this was a consistent issue, we located Keith Johnson and asked for advice on how we can fix the issue and not bork the game. Then the issue was resolved.


The numbers on the backglasses? Those were our numbers for backup game assignments so it went in a specific predetermined order.

During round 1 there were still some post-its on games from our playtesting sessions as well that were overlooked.


High Hand can still go f*ck itself

Looking forward to seeing it in finals again next year! THANKS DOUG :smiley:


I had a similar problem with WoZ, the rescue ramp that leads to the right flipper had the guide going on the sling plastic and launching the balls to the outlanes. The tech we told after the game just kinda shrugged it off even though all 4 players had lost a ball this way. None of the players in our group really made a big enough deal about it, we all just shrugged it off at that point too.


Liked: Heavy Metal Meltdown. Those riffin’ guitar solos, man. I also locked 4 balls and drained and had someone ‘steal’ my multiball on ball 2 and I came back and did it to another player on ball 3 for the win!

Disliked: Vegas. Vegas’ rules are so dumb that it led to left orbit to right flipper over and over. I hit the scoop accidentally and doubled my score somehow for the win. Bad tournament game.

Like: Prospector

Hate: Raven

Ah, yeah I was talking about the ones on the side of some game cabinets

Like: Grand Lizard

Hate: Hot Line

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The game I liked most I’d never even played before was Viking. Not sure how I missed it all these years. Honorable mention to City Slicker (which I’d played in college) since I crushed it. :wink:

Hate: Not even close, this one was Hee Haw. One of the most unfun, wood-choppingest games I’ve ever played. And to think we got move from Surfer (or Surf Champ, whichever the 4p one is) for this.

Like: Counterf(a)rce. Fun game that I immediately clicked with in competition. Semi-unique ruleset.

Dislike: RFM. Flip, flip, drain, repeat. I thought that game would gatekeep me from A with how savage it was…it just put me in the basement. :frowning2:

Like: Corvette
Hate: Lights…Camera…Action!

In your opinion, why is it a bad tournament game? Is it because it can be a one shot game?

Lol. Sounds like you chose double or nothing and got double. Does anyone know if this award is truly random or does it always award ‘double’?


I personally don’t like games where rewards seem to be random that can truly change the outcome of a game (Rocky and Bullwinkle mystery of double score comes to mind as well). I also do not know the rules of these games very well so they may not have been random.

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Speaking of mystery awards… Does anyone know how the awards work on Shaq Attack? My opponents all had the 20M option, but mine was 5,000 or 2 baskets. I don’t know the game at all, so maybe it’s something they qualified first? Seemed to just be random bad luck for me though.

R&B is much more balanced than you think. Double score is only an option from super select if your score is below a certain value. It is far less valuable than say an instant tri-ball award, probably less than a spin and win if you can make the ramp.


Like: Alien Star - Totally want one now.
Hate: Freedom

well apparently our group of B players on Friday night weren’t very good because we all got the reward :laughing: