Game you like, game you hate (that you played at Pinburgh)


Like: Space Race
Hate: Austin Powers

Didn’t play it at Pinburgh but I also loved Car Hop in the free play area. Never spent much time on it before, but I kept coming back to it.


Like: Andromeda
Hate: Riverboat Gambler.


You don’t really expect them to get rid of all Gottlieb/Premier games right?


Favorite: Slick Chick
Least Favorites: Big Hurt, and Shaq Attack


This thread is great! I’m quickly compiling game lists for Pinburgh 2018 finals! :slight_smile:



In the future, if we get a “yeah it’s been doing that” during the game, is it appropriate to get a second opinion from someone further down the chain? Would it have possibly made a difference or just pissed people off?

Could you see servicing a game mid-round, or removing it from play and starting fresh on something else in a case like this?


No, some of them I really like. I just wish more places had weird gottlieb/premiers to play!


It’s really a case by case basis for servicing mid round. Pinburgh is heavily reliant on staying on time so servicing a game mid round is rarely done unless we believe it can be diagnosed repaired quickly.

For something like a ball jumping off a ramp, there is a rule in the books that basically says no compensation, so the game would continue as it, but I would’ve loved to have seen it fixed for the next game.

Bringing something to my attention is never a bad thing.


I’ve got nothing against Shaq. Yeah, it sucks, but I find that even the shitty Premier games - and boy, are most of them shitty - are pretty good to draw in a tournament like this. I’ve never played Shaq. I’ve never played Cactus Jacks. I’ve never played Class of 1812. I’ve pulled them all at Pinburgh and won 2 out of three, only missing a win on the other by a - surprise! - mystery award. Yeah, they blow, but these games are easier to pick up on than most EMs, and those ridiculous super steep flippers mean you won’t have much trouble trapping up or backhanding ramps either.


Like andromeda, hate minizag


Strangely, I loved that machine. I generally blow chunks on old EMs but managed a hair over 3000 in the round I had it, when most other scores I saw were in the low 1000s or under 1000.

Then playing for fun afterwards, I put up 4500 :slight_smile:


Agreed with Clown


I agree R&B is a good tourney game. There are multiple ways to rack up points. Save nell, modes, MB. And I agree the instant triball random award is more of a lopsided reward during a tourney than double score.

Was cool to get to play it in intergalactic. I want to see it in A finals next year!!!


2 things:

1 - knowing full well I would get no compensation, I did call a TD over during finals and indicate that the ball had hit the diverter, drifted over the lane guide, and gone into the trough ending my ball, because I wanted you guys to be aware of the issue so you could address it.

2 - Shaq Attack - pretty awful game, where we all entered ball 3 with next to nothing and 2 of us plunged multiball while 2 of us did not, and we were unable to figure out why.


Loved - Quicksilver (first time ever played it, will never forget that moment in the tiebreaker for A!!!)

Hated - Checkpoint (Game is a turd, ramp and spinners all day long boring)

Love/Hate - Lizard (Awesome game play, love the 50K shot and other strategies, hated because it was the first time in Pinburgh I had three straight ball drains and never got a chance to flip the ball, lol)


This has become my nemesis game after burning me with houseballs in 3 different major tournaments. A few years ago I needed one point to qualify in Pinburgh A and lost it to someone who got a lucky sling up the 50K lane AND back down for another 50K to get the win. That one stung!


I had the sling up/down this year for the walk off! (but I only needed the up)


Yeah, it was doing that.


I wasn’t made aware, either. If either I or Doug knew about this issue, The Hobbit would not have been selected for A final.

As FYI, did this come from a tournament director or a tech? We’ll need to think about improving our process between rounds so that we can compile this information. Games with this level of known difficulty should be pulled or repaired as soon as possible, and should not be in finals. I regret that this had a competitive effect on anyone.


Take the 5000! No seriously, take the 5000.