Game you like, game you hate (that you played at Pinburgh)


Hate: Dr Who (I so suck at it)
Love: Andromeda and Dialed In (even though on both I didn’t really know what I was doing)
Also loved: Pin Ball Lizard (never hit the 50K but that spinner is juiced!)

Separately - I’ve added a few tips to pintips and attributed them to the folks who mentioned them here in this thread as much as the character limitations allowed me - hope that’s ok!


What round did you play it? When my group played the spinner didn’t register.


In our group (Round 9) we noticed the spinner was parallel to the playfield in the middle of the game, however none of us were able to hit the spinner once for the rest of the game, but the tech believed that the spinner may have broke once again when he tried to put the spinner in the correct position. I see you played it in round 3. Looks like it was on and off throughout the tournament?


Yeah @timballs group played it in Rd. 9 after we played it in the same round. We were wondering what happened to the game and saw that the spinner got stuck sideways for them…


I disagree. I don’t think this is an accurate complaint of all Premiers. Particularly regarding Shaq, now that I’ve read the rule sheet and know more about it. While I don’t find the layout to be one of my favorites, the rules are quite nuanced, with interesting point-scoring interaction factors and different paths to good points.


On Shaq, is there any rhyme or reason for unexpected ball saves? Twice during my match players got ball saves, late in a ball after a center drain. They were definitely recognized by software and not just trough pass-throughs.


While I’m sure that @pinballguru will have more information, I know that around then Premier were doing a lot of experimentation with guaranteed ball/game time.


Hey Greg, that was me you played on Big Hurt. I didn’t tilt my last ball but when it was counting the bonus it said I had zero Frank Thomas cards. If you are saying you always get 3 then I’m not sure what happened to me.


Really? I could swear someone else had said that player Four tilted. I sure have no idea how I could have earned any myself since I literally hit no shots that entire game.


Nope, no tilt. I did collect bonus, just no FT cards. Everyone else got them, just not me.

Just looked up the rules on and found this:

Frank Thomas Trading Cards

You collect trading cards by getting a steal (awarding 1 card), via the Frank Thomas Trading Cards mode, via a bullpen award, or get 3 cards at the left outlane. At the end of the game you collect 10M per card or you can trade cards for goodies at the right scoop when Card Trade is lit

I think you must have drained out the left outlane to squeak by.


By the time I played it in round 10 it was working just fine.


More Premier magic. And the answer is No. You never really know when you’ll get SHOOT AGAIN on many of these games.


Wow crazy! That’s one for the deep ruleset knowledge thread :slight_smile:


Yes, I’d say some of the Premiers, the rules are just more odd - different from the norm - than bad. Still would be better with less randomization, but if there are good results to be had from bad random awards (e.g. 5000 on Shaq), it balances out. Something like TX-Sector, where it’s basically spinner all day, is worse than Shaq.


On my last ball (with 3M), I eventually decided on Right Gap All Day. Missed shots would go into bumpers for random award, made shots would go into Player’s Choice which was usually lit. Clawed my way back up to 503M that ball, short of 1st, but certainly better than 4th.


Hate:Lights…Camera…Action! in the first game of round 10. Must have shot the left ramp and spinner 50 times each on the first ball to grind out 4 million. Then the next player gets the hit the red target countdown mystery award for 3 mil.


Like: Time Fantasy. Didn’t make it to snail time but it was interesting to read pintips suggestion to drain the ball immediately after achieving snail time and wondering if this was a deceitful tip.


Not deceitful at all. That’s how you maximize your score in Snail time.


Yup! Best game. Drain, complete lanes, rack up the score.

(turn on, tune in, drop out)


Love Strange Science (and meteor!)
Hate: pinbot - what a load of old codswallop that is!