Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


No changes to the code, I’ll prod around to find the wording and fix it.


I believe that only applies to Greyjoy.


Lord of Light is confusing. When the light is on you sometimes get the ball back (It will say ball saved but do nothing). When the lights are off you sometimes get your ball back (especially in multiball). Wonder if it is just buggy or if there is something I am missing lol


I agree 100%. Would love some clarification on this, especially during MB.


I got a bad drain train with LOL lit and multi just ended. One ball center drained and two went out the right, but I assumed it was because of the center drain confusing the software.


3 or more balls: nothing but a cool sound effect. The ball being saved is due the ball saver being on.
2 balls: save one, keep multiball.
1 ball: saved.

One could argue that the sound effect being played with a 3+ ball drain is a bug, but it’s a bug I like tbh.


1 ball will sometimes say saved but then just go to bonus.


Playing as Greyjoy yesterday I beat all the modes but became stuck on the 3rd level of the blue dragon mode. It was the last House to defeat and light Iron Throne.

The game indicated that there weren`t any more shots required to win, but the only thing lit and responsive in terms of the mode (I tried all other shots) was the three standups in the upper playfield. And all they did was reactivate another hurry up without allowing further progress even if hit and scored.

For three balls I diddled around with this unable to beat the mode and light Iron Throne. Anyone know what I’m missing? Or is this a code bug when playing the game as Greyjoy as suggested?


Happened to me again a few days ago on 1.18. Maybe it will be addressed on the next update. Just don’t play targaryan last as greyjoy maybe until it’s fixed?


I’ve tried playing Targaryan prior to the last house (when playing as Greyjoy), and the same bug has reared its ugly head.

For now, moral of the story: If you want to play for massive points, play as Greyjoy. If you want to play for advancing to Iron Throne, play as another house.


Yep, this happened to me as well the other day. Doh.


Stumbled onto something on Lord of the Light tonight. Af first I thought the pro I’ve been playing on location had a bad right outlane switch. Then it started working again and the left outlane stopped working wtf? Tonight I went through instant info midway through a ball and right after it said how much gold I had, the LOTL screen said how to light it, then said at the bottom:

Already used this ball

So it looks like you can use it once per ball, but it still stays lit. Kinda like when you max out EBs on a Stern and they keep lighting and collecting, but don’t award. Hopefully they’ll turn off the lights once it’s collected in the next update. It’s definitely confusing.


Nice catch. I’m all for limiting Lord of Light, but don’t turn on the light if you’re not going to save my ball! (Looking at you, too, KISS multiball)

Even better would be allow outlane switching with flipper buttons so you can control when you use your Lord save.


The read me says once per game but I have lit it right off the bat and gotten no save (unless it is tied to tilt warning)


I’ve been playing GoT on location today (pro 1.17), and in Winter Has Come the left flipper suddenly stopped working, and the DMD said something like shoot some shot to unfreeze. I did, and it started working again.

I don’t know what I did exactly, but maybe someone who owns the machine can figure it out and add it to the rulesheet.


Correct: during certain stages of Winter has Come, if you don’t hit your shots well enough, one flipper gets frozen until you shoot one/two? shots to unfreeze the flipper.


Updated the HOTK benefit values of Lannister and Tyrell based on more recent code updates:
Lannister value increased to 125M, I believe.
Tyrell value decreased dramatically down to +15M (down from 75M)


What on earth is 20 seconds of free shooting with Stark? There is no ball save and just seems to add more shots that have nothing to do with collecting the hurry-up


Yep, basically this. The shots are decent point-scoring but they do not seem to contribute to anything, and just make it less likely you’ll complete the hurry-up. AVOID


I avoided it until this past week, but surprisingly found it to be quite lucrative.