Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


It’s not too bad. All 7 shots are lit, I just loop the center ramp until the time is up anyways.


Sure, but it’s a relatively low-stakes affair compared to the hurry-up. For maximized value you don’t want center ramp all day since you don’t get to maximize the combo multiplier.


I guess my thought is that by this time I’ll most likely have a high combo multiplier currently active. At the very least just looping the center ramp immediately after the hurry-up will continue whatever combo multipliers I have built up beforehand, and this is also a safe way to get back to regular HOTK shots without too much risk.

So much of the game is just making ANY shot to keep the current multipliers active. It’s why in single ball play I love to backhand the left orbit on the fly even when it’s not lit for anything.


I don’t have nearly the playtime the rest of you have I’m sure, but isn’t this much less true if you’re Tyrell or whoever it is that lights the inlanes?


I tried that strat and it is worth a shit ton with almost no risk.


All righty then! Could be different in new software? I recall it not being that valuable but it was a while ago.


Yeah me too. I think a few tweaks have been made with no documentation


Anyone else notice this typo?


I think this typo was corrected in a more recent software version.


I assumed as such! I’ve just never seen a typo on a pinball display before, so I was amused.


HOTK multiball provides unlimited inlane X on BOTH sides simultaneously, regardless of house that you choose.


They still need to fix the text for LOTL in instant info. It still says already used this game after you use it once.

Speaking of LOTL, I was thinking they might make it like free spins on WOF, where you light one outlane per drop bank rather than both. With the long ball times, I was surprised that it still lights both and can be earned over and over. I do like how it recycles the ball no matter how busy the playfield is. Sometimes it takes a while to notice, but it eventually kicks out another ball.

Bought my first EB recently for about 4300. Does anyone know if that’s a fixed value? Will EB be a choice every time I shoot mystery with 4400 or more in gold?


An add-a-ball after each set would probably not be a bad thing to replace Stark’s modification with.


Unless you get a tilt warning then no LOTL for you!


So is there an Iron Throne ending yet?

I made it through what I thought was the whole thing last night. Collected the last ‘super’ at the battering ram. Addaball kicked out and I had no idea what to do. Before I could trap up and try and take inventory, the addaball drained. Didn’t think it was a big deal cause still had a ball in play. Up until this point, Iron Throne could be single ball mode.

I was stuck looking at regular play. The Iron Throne insert wasn’t lit solid (HOTK was), so I’m not sure that counts as beating the mode.


I was in a similar situation in Iron Throne last night. I had all the houses flashing, collected what I thought would be the last SJ at the battering ram, then no shots were lit, but the houses continued to flash along with the IT insert. The display said “1 Castle Left” but there was no indication of how to collect it. I shot the center ramp which did nothing. Then I shot the dragon which lit all the light blue arrows again. Picked off a couple of them, then drained out, game over.

Did you experience anything similar to that for the last castle, then finished it and there was no completion award or anything?

Also, had an interesting drain during Iron Throne on a separate game. About halfway through IT, drained out. Next ball picked up where I left off on IT. Short plunge, botched live catch went to the right outlane as the first switch, game over. I was really surprised that ended the ball since the playfield hadn’t been activated prior to the outlane switch. Bug, or just a brutal no ball save rule during IT?


Yeah, my experience was similar. All shields (sigils, whatever) flashing, no indication of what’s next. Hit the battering ram, hit a few other shots. I think something I did worked at some point cause I recall getting shots to light back up, but this was when the one ball drained and IT ended.

That short plunge thing sounds like a bug, maybe in the same way that this weird IT mode phase ended when I still had a ball in play.



From what I’ve seen of Iron Throne, once you make it through all the castles, all shots relit, and you could continue making Iron Throne shots with an image of “The Twins” (House Tully) on the DMD.


Yes, I’ve finished Iron Throne and this sounds about right. I’m not familiar with the show so I can’t remember exactly what I saw.


Has the Targaryen bug, where there is no shot you can hit to complete it and it runs for the remainder of the ball, ala Ultimate Challege in CP, been fixed in the latest code ? It seems to happen more often when Greyjoy is the selected house and I think it happens more often when you hit only the pure Targaryen shots and avoid the mixed or Greyjoy shots.

Also are there plans to increase the Iron Throne scoring ? Right now, Hand of the King is much more valuable on average.