Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


Had 5x running as I ended HOTK. My next idea was to light targaryan so I shot the dragon. it was around 80 million for that shot as a 25x mixed. So the ‘light targaryan’ shot with no multipliers is worth around 3 million or so.

Does anyone know how the “light mode” scoring works? Is it just the dragon that will give you anything decent?

Also I’m having trouble understanding the scoring of Martell mode. Is it a hurryup?


Curious if people have a go-to for their first house. I’ve been experimenting but so far Tyrell seems to yield the best scores for me with Martell being second. Tyrell seems to light the multiplier even before you start it or beat it. Anyone else noticed this, or is there something I’m not getting?


Tyrell is good. My big thing now is to go for Greyjoy then light Martell and play those two. Big reward, big risk to get nothing.


If you pick Tyrell the inlane multiplier is lit from the start of your game. if you pick Greyjoy and light Tyrell, it will only light after you hit your last mode shot of Greyjoy + Tyrell.

@PinballNarcissist yes Martell is a hurry up but I’m not 100% on how it scores - but if you can loop three orbits on the fly and then the middle ramp(s) to finish it’s pretty decent points if I recall


I also like starting with Tyrell. Having those inlane multipliers for the whole game is huge. Maybe when I get better at the game I would adopt starting as Greyjoy and then promptly going for Tyrell, but for now Tyrell is just easy money. For a while I was picking Baratheon to start because I figured it saved me from making a bunch of drop target shots to qualify that House, but the payoff just wasn’t happening.


LE 1.02 is broken. Hilariously, sadly, incomprehensible broken. Winter is Coming starts on ANY stab target hit if it’s ready to go, and any stab targets after the first collect/hurryup timeout collect Winter Is Coming hurryups. Just saw Winter Has Come start after 1 mode completion. Also, you can collect mode Jackpots in these Winter Is Comings on some shots. Stern took a great code and made Foodfight out if it.


Ha, yeah watching the live stream the game looks a bit unplayable


Hahahaha. Chaos is Coming


Any problems with the new code on the Pro’s to report?



God Foodfight was such a terrible movie.


Can’t confirm, but they got nearly the same code update barring chair programming changes and the upper playfield update with Pro 1.18. Mileage and madness may vary.

Speaking of madness, who has two flippers and got Midnight Madness? This pin.


Collected HotK hurry-up on a pro today and was rewarded with garbage on the screen where the multipliers once were for the rest of the game lol


Does hitting the battering ram while a multiplier is going reset the timer, similar to the bell in AC/DC or the piston shot on Metallica? It kind of felt like it does but it is really hard to tell.


yeah but it seems very short maybe 2-3 seconds


So it adds a little time but doesn’t do a full reset. That kind of sucks given how many hits you need to light them in the first place.


actually it doesn’t. Since the ram is such a safe shot compared to bell you would always be in 5x


Speak for yourself! I have a tough time keeping even 4X going.


Yeah because it times out! :wink:


Seems like you need to plan specifically (especially in single ball play) when you want to pull the trigger on the battering ram so that it’s timed to coincide with a big payout. I haven’t had luck in getting the 4x or 5x playfields going while completing a mode, but I’ve finished greyjoy and Martell at both 2x and 3x which is well worth it…especially if enough swords have been collected to get the combo x up.

Sometimes it’s alternating between mode shot and battering ram to keep both going. If you’re at a lower playfield x, you’ll have enough time to complete maybe half (if not most) of the mode shots and then reset the playfield x during this while not losing your combo multipliers.


Great rule sheet. One thought though. It says that you have to complete your houses mode before you get their power. Is that an update to the most recent code? I was playing on location yesterday and you definitely got your houses power immediately.