Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet

Yeah, you inherit the most recent house’s “button ability” that displaces any previous “button ability” - which is understandable since there’s one button and there needs to be some definitive contextual scope. But you can also inherit “house abilities” that are not tied to the “button ability”. So you do get to keep Tyrell’s multipliers for example. And I’m assuming possibly the Baratheon “LOL targets light Wall” feature.

This one is for sure the case so I’m sure the rest are too.

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So, I have a tournament at home this saturday, so waiting veeery impatiently hoping the code will drop before that :confused:

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Mystery: Can you get negative gold?

On his stream yesterday, @chuckwurt got the Mystery collect when he only had 10 gold. (He had just bought a playfield multiplier with his Lannister button.)

The game offered him Big Points (3M, which is the 500k base X 6 mixed multipliers) for G$120, as his max award (which I guess could be expected, since it’s the least costly award).

But it also offered Light Lock for G$250 as the other award. That surprised me, because it’s the third cheapest award.

Also, he decided to pass, but I wonder what would have happened had he chosen an award and hit the button. Would the game have given it to him and left him with negative gold? Or 0? Or a high bit error, leaving him with billions of gold? Or would it have not sold it to him at all?

This situation couldn’t have happened in the old code, since you’d always get more than G$140 by hitting the targets to light Mystery guaranteeing at least two “affordable” choices.


Very interesting! Or would the game crash?:thinking:

Actually I’m gonna speculate that you might indeed be in negative gold. But the game will allow it since a Lannister always pays his debts.


end of ball malus instead of bonus!

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255 hits for more gold …


or an roll over so you get millions or billions for your gold.

I mean the Iron Bank of Braavos is always looking for more debtors. I argue that you should always have a high value mystery award and that if you take it you go into debt and you get some type of negative effect. 1/2 playfield? Unable to start modes or multiballs? You earn gold at a reduced rate due to interest? If you are Lannister 2/3 of your mystery awards should be of high value.

Would be a great place for another call out, “The Iron Bank will have its due.”


or maybe an skill drain to a big hidden bonus

Code has been posted to sterns site.


oh f***k me thank you Dwight and Stern :smiley:

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I’ve only played three games on the new code so far, but I think Lannister should be changed so that it does not allow PFX purchases during MB.

Played as Stark once and Lannister twice, so haven’t experimented with the others. But regardless of how good they are, I’m pretty confident that in a competitive setting, Lannister would be the one I wouldn’t want my opponent to pick. Which is how I know it’s too good.

Why wouldn’t you pick it?

I agree… Lannister might be a bit overpowering. I’ve tasked Zach with getting a similar score NOT playing as Lannister or using their power!


P.S. This was Zach’s 4th game played!

P.P.S. Really like the update!!


I would pick it. Being afraid that my opponent would pick it is further proof.

Under previous code, I didn’t care what my opponent picked. With Lannister, they can now spend the whole game flailing, and then hit four shots in Martell (plus some button mashing) and get a billion points.


In addition, is your game set up extra hard, no ball save, open outlanes, no outlane rubber, tight tilts, reduced ball save timers etc? Then it becomes far more dangerous flailing around :slight_smile:

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Yeah I’ll be interested to see how it plays out for tournaments and how TDs set it up.

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I am thinking of making Lannister $600 per multiplier. So
2X = 1200
3X = 1800
4X = 2400
5X = 3000
= 8400 for all 4 at once

vs today
2X = 1000
3X = 1500
4X = 2000
5X = 2500
= 7000 for all 4 at once

Would that solve your concerns?

EDIT - Also I think you are overestimating how much gold you can get for flailing. The game gives you 750 for pushing start. Thats to get you to the 1000 quickly so you can play with the button once. But after that its not “that” easy to get another 1000 or 1500 would need to go to 3X. and getting 7000 is not easy.

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