Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet

This is exactly what I assumed one of our local TDs would want to do. :rofl:

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Real question, which house will @pinwizj lock everyone into now that it is a menu option?


Whichever one he feels is worst! LOL

Ah, it’s been awhile since there’s been a GoT near me so my memory is hazy and the wiki wasn’t super clear, but I think you’re right. Will correct my earlier post.

Going to stream beta code from my Pro tonight at 8pm eastern. Thanks to Stern for letting me do that. Come and ask questions. I’ll do my best to clear anything up.


Hey Erik, I won’t be able to watch live, but will watch the recording. Could I add a few questions to your list, please?..

  1. What (if any) modes have changed, in terms of the shots you have to hit to complete them?
  2. What (if any) modes in alliance with Greyjoy have changed, in terms of the shots you have to hit to complete them? [I heard that Greyjoy in Alliance with Martell might be harder, since you may be forced to hit grey shots instead of being allowed to ignore them. Not sure if it’s true that this has changed. Not sure if others may have changed.]
  3. In Monday’s stream, Dwight said that the mystery pop bumper add-a-ball is just random. But I thought you once said that it was deterministic based on hitting Tyrell targets in multiball first. Which is correct?
  4. Any more light you could shed on Martell mode scoring would be helpful.
  5. Dwight said you can buy Martell’s MB add-a-ball button at 3800 gold. He also said you can buy Lannister’s button and Barratheon’s button, but he didn’t say how much they cost. Any ideas?

I realize you may not be able to get to all of these questions, but Thanks!

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  1. No changes
  2. No changes
  3. Pure speculation. I think I mentioned I was never able to confirm this to be true.
  4. I’ll take a look
  5. They are pretty pricey. Assume as much as martell, if not more. I’ll try and remember to keep an eye out.
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We just signed a sponsorship deal with Baytek who will be modifying a Big Bass Wheel into the official IFPA Game of Thrones House Selection Device. We plan on bringing this to any tournament we host that uses GOT . . . we’ll spin the wheel just before the tournament starts to make the official selection.



Only one stipulation. Fred Richardson must be present to spin the wheel!


Maybe Dwight will confirm but I think it’s a little of both.

Until you hit both Martel standups the pops will never provide Add a Ball as an option. Once you hit both then it’s random on when you get it but it’s now available.

That’s how I understand it. I don’t think I’ve ever received an Add a Ball without hitting those targets. Be nice to know for sure.

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I’d hope Grey Joy now. It still makes all the other modes harder (good thing for tournaments) but also adds quite a bit of strategy with only being able to use the power of the most recent house you’ve defeated. Going into HOTK. Make sure Martel is last (if you want add a ball), Targaryen is last if you wont 20 extra seconds to continue your Stark bonus round of shooting, etc. It adds another level of thought of how you get there. For most of this, it probably wouldn’t matter. But for the top players in the world, that could make a real difference in score.

Pict O Pops doesnt care about anything except
1 - have they given out Add-A-Ball yet this ball
2- is there a multiball running.
If those are true they may give out add a ball.

I like the idea that TDs set the game to Greyjoy.

PS - Freeze timers only freeze for 15 seconds.


“The IFPA will no longer sanction tournaments that include Game of Thrones where the house choice is set to anything other than Greyjoy only.”

I wish April 1st was closer . . .


If you ain’t Greyjoying you ain’t winning!


To circle back on Targaryen freeze power. It will freeze the big hurry up in HOTK

Martell seems to simply be a hurry up each shot. Take longer to hit each orbit it adds less to the final shot.

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things like that should have an tournament settings of override one pre player only or maybe an mixed bag of powers with no player choice mode like casual mode.
NOT tied to tournament mode on or off. But an added choice in settings.

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mystery pop bumper also may be different when tournament mode is on

only being able to use the power of the most recent house you’ve defeated. Just for the button? or for non button stuff?

yeah was wondering like if you are Greyjoy, beat Lannister, do you always earn the higher amounts of gold even after you use the button on a ball? I would assume yes?

I think just the button.