Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet

I always understood that each jackpot builds shot is adding that value to your final shot at the ramps.

Each one of the jackpot builds shots may decrease in value the longer it takes you to hit it.

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I don’t think the spinner rule will change anymore.

Thanks Dwight. Spinner Rules added! Scroll to the bottom of the wiki.

This is awesome. Can’t wait to get the new code.

143% MORE? Or 43% more?

I’ve done it with the glass off and it’s still a little confusing, but I think for all intents and purposes, Martel has always been three hurryup values that stack on top of each other. However, if you take too long, you can dip below the value shown by your previous shot.

If you let it go even longer, it resets and you can start the sequence over again. (But you can also run out of time entirely).

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@Dwight For this new GOT code… is it too late to implement a change to have the order of Swords (name and value) be deterministic when set to Competition play? I’d recommend that they go from least valuable to most valuable whenever set to Competition play.

If it’s still as implemented in prior code, between players, one might get Oathkeeper first while the next player gets Needle first.


Good idea. I will add this to the list.

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So picking Targaryen, unlike the other houses, entirely completes the corresponding mode for you instead of just qualifying it for mode start? Huge if true; we’re going to be seeing a LOT more Iron Thrones~


Greyjoy does the same thing. I think the direwolf thing will help get people to Iron Throne now.

Probably to late, but with this add, it would be awesome if Iron Throne and or HOTK’s values would be determined based off how well you complete your modes. Playing as Stark it sounds like you could get to HOTK by Direwolf 3 of your 4 modes.

Great stream, and amazing update. Can’t wait to load it up!

I agree a bit with the thought that Stark and Targaryen powers maybe being too strong. For me, Targaryen was 100% always the toughest thing to complete, as it should be. I can’t count how many times Drogon was the only thing standing between me and the Throne, and that is a good thing. I have actually done it though, and if I can do it…it’s not too unobtainable, LOL. I understand the fact that the shortcuts will result in much less points, and that is good. Either way I love the changes, but if it were up to me I would massage it just a hair. In my opinion, Targaryen needs to continue to be a legit threat on the way to the Iron Throne.

My 2 cent suggestions:
Stark: Love the direwolf idea and I’m good with how they work other than maybe Targaryen. Wolves are badass, but they can’t defeat a dragon. I would keep the ability to use them against Targaryen, but not for an instant kill. As it is you can take out one dragon per ball. I would instead let them do heavy damage to them, but not kill them. Maybe it takes out 3/4 of the first ones health (or even kill the first one maybe), 1/2 of the second one, and 1/3 of Drogon? Still a huge advantage, but not quite the challenge killer it is now.

Targaryen: I LOVE that we can now choose this house!! But I think giving you the automatic spot of the dragons with no repercussions (other than lost points) is a bit much. I would rather see it like Greyjoy, where you get a tough mode spotted, but you “pay for it” by making the other modes all harder. It would be nicely thematic to force a dragon hit or two to end each mode. Again, huge advantage not having to fight the dragons, but you then have the added challenge of “calling them in” to defeat the other houses. A nice dragon roast animation would be a cherry on top, LOL.

Again…not complaining what-so-ever about what we are getting. It’s a huge update, unexpected, and very welcome. It is going to elevate what is already one of my favorite games. Great job Dwight and crew!


Freeze timer during HOTK 20 seconds of free shooting :thinking:


We be like . . .

Dwight be like . . .


Or during SJP round in black water.

What I want to know is if you hit it when the big SJP hurry up is lit in HOTK, does it hold the value??

Don’t you have the means to find that out?

Some fun numbers to think about:
Shots to complete all modes except for Targaryen == 27 (if you’re cashing ASAP)
Shots to complete Targaryen 1-3 == 24
Shots to reach Iron Throne normally == 51
Shots to reach Iron Throne w/ Targaryen == 27 (~47% fewer shots!)


Yep. Just thinking out loud. I’ll check tonight.

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I would LOVE for the random house setting to become the new tournament standard, assuming no particular house choice makes games take forever.

Would be really interesting to see how players adapt to a game that is changing throughout an event.

I can also see how this would be hated by some players. Haha


I was thinking it’d be fun/terrible to have the JJPOTC option of “only one player can pick each house”, so choice of order is important. (This might be fun on SW, too, particularly with the newer stategies for Leia and Han.)

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Targ 1 = 3
Targ 2 = 5
Targ 3, best case = 16