Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


So just tested this as Martel and it worked! Looks like it’s not just a Baratheon thing. One thing is for certain, you must trigger the pops add a ball for it to work; I also had 2 balls locked for black water. I think the game gets confused where the balls are when there’s black water locks and add a ball trigger. I really hope some of you can do this; or else I have a faulty switch or board somewhere? Lol?


So would this blood magic be considered a beneficial malfunction, or a feature?

My money’s on this getting fixed before the next big tourney, but enjoy it while it lasts :slight_smile:


Feature adjustment - Multiball ballsaver = OFF :slight_smile:


That works; didn’t realize GOT allowed disabling of multiball ballsavers. Hopefully that becomes a common feature.


I have no idea if that’s actually true, but I’m one text away to Zach sending him down the hallway at work to yell at Dwight to put it in for us :slight_smile:


Is add-a-ball available as a pop award in competition mode?


I tried this out today on my premium. Harder to do since you need Dragon shots instead of top lane completions to start Wall MB. It took three tries to pull it off. It’s definitely an all or nothing strat because my first two failed attempts netted me less than 100M. I also was only able to keep the endless ballsaver going about 5 minutes because I screwed up and didn’t let the balls drain fast enough. Still, 2.9B without playing a single house mode and one fairly poor Blackwater is impressive!


Can you remember if you had two balls locked for multiball when you started the stack?

I couldn’t get the extended ball saver on the few tries I played during lunch.


Nice! Glad someone got it to trigger so i know im not on crack :slight_smile: definitely harder to pull off on the premium.
I was watching an old stream of Keith Elwin doing the super stack on a premium and he had a 1 1/2 min ball saver; he was even getting ball savers with the ball saver light off (i.e. grace period). If he wasnt trying to keep balls in play, it would have been a longer play.

Confirmed; ball locks for blackwater have no relevance to this trigger.

It appears the triggers for this is:

  1. Getting add a ball via pops
  2. Keeping a ball in the ball trough.


I would like to know more about how all mystery pops (GoT, Ghostbusters, Star Wars) behave in tournament settings if anyone knows.


Should be same order for all players, but I’m not certain. That may be the only thing that changes in comp mode for GOT and GB


Thanks. I’ve been wondering about this for a while. Do you know if the order is always the same or if the initial order is random and then is the same for all players like Congo video mode? And all awards are still available in competition settings?


I assume random each game but same for everyone. Not totally sure though.


Here we go. Not 30 billion but think it shows what can be done in this stack. Not sure what keeps the the ball save and PF multipliers frozen, but definitely seems they stay on way too long.

Might just need to have those timers never pause during that stack.


Chuckwurt inspired me to get this thing on video. Sorry for the video quality, my wife filmed on iPhone. But it shows both the ball saver bug and scoring bug. I haven’t watched it all back yet, but I did notice my wall jackpot rose to 34 mil!!! My regular jackpots were higher than normal unburied super jackpots LOL.

Anyway, enjoy. And have fun at league night this week playing GOT :slight_smile:


Rewatching. Looks like Wall jackpot caps at 50 mil haha


Looks like the 5x playfield gets stuck as well and never times out. Crazy supers of 1.25b and 1.5b. That’s a serious bug for sure.


Wonder if it’s possible to trigger it while playing as Martell by using the Martell add-a-ball when you start the stack?


Looked like your ball save light just gave up at 6 minutes, but what looked like a two minute grace period.


It does but only the add a ball pops triggers the super long ball timer not Martell power. And, you won’t be getting 1.25 bil jackpots and supers as the scoring bug looks related to the Baratheon power.