Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


Wow!!! Exploit Has Come! Nice.
And style points for SKB, playing the latter portion while holding his baby. Lol.


It looks to me like it was still ball saving you for quite a while after the ball save light went out…but what eventually killed it was you cradling all those balls on the left flipper, so there were no longer any on the trough?


I think that’s part of it. As long as balls are constantly being fed to the trough and the pops the timers freeze. So even when my ball saver light was out I was able to freeze the grace period for quite a while before trapping up and killing it.


Enjoy it while it lasts…


You can fix it, but you can’t make operators update the games. d;*)

The HOTK bug was still pretty early in the software cycle. This one isn’t. I suspect there will be games out there that won’t get the update. i know I’ll be looking.


This is always the case. Wanna know where there’s a Star Trek that you can time out modes on?

Or how about a TWD where you can stack WW and Prison? Haha


Or how about a TWD where you could stack WW and Prison… except you can’t actually start Prison because the damn thing’s been broken for over two years and it’s sitting next to a WWE LE that’s attracting black spots on the playfield like a magnet that has no clue what Tag Team Multiball is.

Gotta love tourist trap arcades sometimes. :wink:


The funny thing is that neither of these are the trigger. Bug was a fun one to chase down though.

I’ll say that you’re more likely to be able to exploit this on your home game rather than a location game.


Theres a tron with no tilt bob in it at Disney world. It’s the only game in a lineup of 5 that had all the switches working and no errors. Dirty as hell but impossible to drain due to no tilt. Portal never seemed so easy before. Haha


What’s the trigger??


I’m not sure it’s a good idea to give anybody any hints on how to exploit this situation before there’s a fix out…


Come on, would love to see people fail at this in tournaments! Plus easy fix. Turn ball saver off for both those multiballs. (I think) Haha


Bug related to being on free play?


Nice. Glad to hear you’re on the case Tim! Does this mean when the bug is fixed Lannister, stark, and now Baratheon will have a little more meaningful powers :blush:


What if the one on location is mine?

I’m sad because I really wanted to try this out, but if it’s getting nerfed this quickly, then it’s probably a waste of time. :frowning:


I achieved the stack on location and only ended up with around 400 million. Is part of that involved in the fact it was on location or mostly that I suck?


Dang you Eskaybee. How am I ever supposed to beat Snailman now on GOT now that you shared one of the two main exploits, I mean features, with him :wink:

I screwed up and told him about the never ending super jackpot strategy and the spinner strategy long ago.

Oh my, could you imagine if you could trigger this to work with the never ending super jackpot “feature” as well? I’m assuming it wont work since you aren’t in wall and WHC together but could you imagine the points if their was a way to add that in too.


Imo, playing one handed is key. It keeps that constant flow of balls in the trough and pops. That’s the only way I’ve been able to keep it going for insane points. That and have the Baratheon house power.

I’m just going to keep misspeaking until Tim spills the beans. Haha



Even if possible, The Wall JP’s at max value and max combo value make the Blackwater SJP values look like chump change, especially because the BW SJP cannot be multiplied by combo X – only PFX. So I’d still only be shooting for Wall JP instead of the BW SJP at the ram.
Wall max base = 50M, but can get 25x for total of 1.25BIL.
BW SJP base approx 17M, and can only get to 85M at 5x PFX.


Also with the PF multiplier freezing in this bug, it’s even more ridiculous. Normally once 5x PF starts running, there’s no extending it.